My Big Time Rush Album Signing Experience - 6/12/13

I can’t get over how perfect this day was. I was so excited this morning. I woke up and I thought, “Holy Crap, I’m meeting Big Time Rush today!” and then I just got really really nervous and apprehensive about it. So by the time I got to the mall after a crap load of traffic it was already 4 and the line was massive. While on line, there were a couple of super cute little girls in front of me and my cousin while we were on line so we made friends with them and it helped the time pass. At one point Ranel walked past us and a girl jumped in front of him to ask him for a picture or something, but I kinda just looked at him and smiled like an idiot. All in all we waited about 3 hours.

But then we get downstairs and into the waiting pen thing…but in order to get to it you had to walk right past James. Literally right past him. I couldn’t believe it. Like I am still in awe over how perfect they are. So anyway, the music was playing and Carlos was dancing and I was dancing and it was a blast, though I was concerned that they were getting tired of being there. Then it was my turn and I was getting so nervous. But then, it kinda all went away and I just went with it. I was pretty damn composed and calm and I’m so proud of myself for that. James looks at me and reaches out his hand to shake it and I smile and say “Hey James! How are you?” and he says “I’m great thanks, how are you?” And I was like, “I’m terrific, thanks!” Then I gave him the bracelet I made for him and I was like “this is for you! Waiting on line turned into arts and crafts time” and he was like “thanks so much! I love it!” And I’m just dead at this point because he was so beautiful and his eyes and it was literally like a porcelain doll with a beard and I can’t even. Of all of them, he was really soft spoken and didn’t talk too much, but he was very kind, gracious, and genuine.

Then was Logan and again I say, “Hi Logan! How’s it going?” and he was like “I’m great, thanks! You’re so bright!” (I was wearing an obnoxiously bright neon coral top) which I didn’t know how to answer but then he said “I love it, it’s so cool!” so I was like “Thanks!” I gave him the bracelet I made him and said, “I made this for you!” and he said “Oh this is awesome, great colors!” but it was actually hilarious because he picked up the bracelet and it was all twisty and spirally for some reason and it looked like a snake. But anyway, it was time to move on so he said “Have a great day!” and I said “Thanks, I will, you too!”

Then, came Kendall. After today, I think Kendall might be my favorite because he was literally so so so nice to me. I spent the most time with him. As I walk up to him I say “Hey Kendall! How are you?” and he looked me straight in the eye…I swear he was looking into my soul, grabbed my hand with both of his and held it for a good 5 seconds…longer than a normal handshake thats for sure. And his eyes, I was getting dizzy just looking at him. And he says, “I’m great thanks for asking how are you? love your shirt” and I answer “fantastic, thanks!” And then he says, “What’s your name?” and I said “I’m Rebecca” and gave him a big smile and he said, “It’s great to meet you Rebecca” and I said “Nice to meet you too!” then he looked down to sign my booklet (which he did with a heart *SQUEAL*) and he kinda sighs and says “Rebecca you are very, very beautiful” and I wish I could capture the way he said that because he said it with a sincere emotion and it caught me off guard like you don’t even know. No boy/man (except my Daddy) has ever told me I was beautiful. I didn’t know what to do. I smiled bigger and said “Aw, thank you SO much” and my first reaction was to turn to my cousin and squeal but I caught myself just in time and internally reminded myself to “keep cool” but then I whipped out my bracelet I made him and I said, “Well, I made this for you!” and he said “Aw, thanks! I love it, I’ll trade this for it” (but for a second I thought he said “a kiss” and was like UHM WHAT?! but then I realized I’m actually ridiculous) and went to give me back my booklet, but just then security came and ripped it away from him and nudged me to move on so he said “it was nice meeting you bye!” and I said “you too, bye!” and stepped aside.

Then, I get to Carlos and his head was down signing my thing (also has a heart =D) and I said, “Hey Carlos!” and he looked up and smiled big and his eyes kinda lit up and he said “Hey!” I asked how he was, we did that whole exchange thing and then he said “I’ll see you this summer on tour right?” and at first I didn’t hear him because the music was loud and smiled at him but then he made like an indication that he didn’t get an answer and I realized what he said so I said “I can’t because I’m studying in Lodnon for the summer” and he made a sad face and I made a sad face and then he said “Tweet me though okay?!” and I said “I WILL FOR SURE TWEET YOU! *big smile*” and he said “Alright!” and gave me a high five. And then we said bye and I waited for my cousin who was next… I let her give him the bracelet so I watched that and he thanked her and smiled and said some stuff that i couldn’t make out…I should ask her about it.

Then we both walked away and I was like “MARINA KENDALL TOLD ME I WAS VERY BEAUTIFUL DID YOU HEAR THAT?!” and she says “OMG I KNOW I DID! THEY TALKED TO YOU SO MUCH BUT THEY DIDNT SAY ANYTHING TO ME” and then we tried to figure out why that was…she just got the “hey how are you” exchange. We reached the conclusion that it’s because I’m 20 years old and obviously closer to their age and she’s only 15. But anyway, we jumped around a little bit and then we were kinda stunned and didn’t even know what to do. But honestly it was so perfect. I can’t.

Kendall telling me I’m beautiful made my life. I haven’t stopped smiling. Really boosted my self-esteem. If Kendall freaking Schmidt thinks I’m beautiful, then maybe I am really beautiful. Maybe other people think that too, and I know I’m not supposed to care whether other people do or not, but it’s nice to have validation and reassurance and it was really really nice. I can’t thank these boys enough for making today amazing. I really love them and now I know i’m justified in loving them, they are so nice and really care about their fans and made me feel so special. Talking to Kendall was like I was the only girl in the room. Magical. (I really hope they didn’t throw away my bracelets that I made them and that at least one of them still has it.)

Now I’m off to look at my crappy pictures and look for other people’s better pictures and videos and swoon a little more.


here’s a little video i found that’s a tribute to our wonderful town!