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Nineteen yo!Peter and Pretty!Wade AU
Idk guys a scene came to me while I was driving so here ya go.
“Peter, I don’t understand how you strain your back.” Harry shut the door to the fridge in their tiny loft apartment. “You never even go outside. All you do is study.”

“I do stuff.” Peter mumbled and looked away when Harry bent over to get the pans out of the bottom cupboard.

His crush on his best friend was bordering on obsessive, and was definitely unhealthy, but Peter didn’t know what to DO about it. The worst thing was, Harry knew and took every chance he got to smile that wicked smile and run his fingers through that thick hair and basically rub his and MJs relationship in Peters face.

It was like torture every fucking day.

“You don’t do anything.” Harry was still arguing. “But when I strain something when I work out, or you know, marathon sex-” he dropped a flirty wink and Peter wanted to scream. “-I have a guy I go see. Names Wade, he works out of the spa off fifth, you know the place?”

“Yeah.” Peter said shortly, neglecting to mention that he knew the place only because Harry paid for MJ to go, and she always told him about it.

“Go see Wade. He will fix you, I guarantee it. Guys got magic hands, and I feel like you need that. Seems like life’s been–” Harry’s gorgeous eyes dropped lower to Peters lap. “–hard for you lately.”

(Jesus Christ I hate him) Peter thought, but he took the card Harry handed him anyway.
Peter felt weird lying on the massage table in just a towel, exposed and vulnerable and he hated that.
But it was too late now, the receptionist had assured him Wade would be in fairly quickly.

(Oh shit) the door opened right then and Peter sat up nervously.

“Hey, man, how’s it going?” Wade was tall, all muscles wrapped in a tight white shirt and fitted khakis, topped with hazel eyes and dirty blonde hair.

“Uh hey. I’m Peter. You must be–”

“Wishing I hadn’t worn such tight pants.”

Peters mouth dropped. “WHAT?!”

“Uh, what? No I said Wade. My names Wade.” A charming smile that put Harry’s to shame crossed a perfect face and suddenly Peter was very aware that he was just in a towel.

“So.” Wade started dimming the lights, flipping on music. “How do you know that obnoxious prick Osborn? He’s the one who called in your appointment. You guys dating?”

“No. NO. Just friends.”

“Well that little piece of information is going to make this massage so much more fun.”

Peter couldn’t help laughing, tugging at his hair a little in a frankly adorably shy way. “I don’t know what that means.”

Wade just wiggled his eyebrows. “Why don’t you lay down on your stomach there, cutie pie. It’s frowned on for me to ask customers out while they are mostly naked, so please stick around after I’m done so I can get your number.”

Peter rolled over, keeping the towel over his ass carefully. “Why–why do you want my number?”

“Oh my god I already love you.”

ID #79626

Name: Rachel
Age: 18
Country: Canada

my names rachel, i’m in my first year of college. i’m studying massage therapy.
my interests include reading, photography, being a homebody, lol.
i think having a penpal is something i’ve always wanted to do, i’d love to get to know someone from somewhere else in the world, or even other parts of the country!!

Preferences: 18+ pls

Dear Clients,

Whether it’s your first massage or your 100th, there are some things you need to know:

  • Don’t call your therapist a masseuse. Just don’t.
  • Don’t start disrobing before your therapist leaves the room. You’ll probably make your therapist uncomfortable and it’s really best to just wait.
  • Stop trying to help your therapist by moving your arms or legs. Let them do the work, you’re there to relax. Pretend you’re a ragdoll.
  • (Plus, you’re not really “helping,” you’re just making it more difficult for the therapist)
  • Please, PLEASE let your therapist know if the pressure is too much or too little. We can’t read minds, and you should be enjoying yourself. Your therapist isn’t going to be offended if you ask them to lighten up or use more pressure.
  • DO NOT light up a cigarette right before your massage, unless you know your therapist is okay with it. It’s kind of hard to massage someone when you can’t breathe.
  • This goes for cologne and perfume, too. Please do not douse yourself with powerful scents.
  • It is also a good idea to have had a shower fairly recently, especially if you have a strenuous and sweat-producing job.
  • It is a good idea to tip your massage therapist. Depending on their situation, they can either pay rent for the room they use, get a percentage of the massage price (usually as low as 25% or as high as 75%), or they can have various massage-related expenses.

I went to the masseuse
To take out all my knots.
I thought I felt a couple,
Turns out I have lots.

She smoothed every knot
In my shoulders, back to feet.
“I’ve worked every spot,”
She said, “Yes, I am complete.”

When she asked my thoughts,
“It was fine,” I said,
“But what about the knots
That are inside my head?”


I got a new job! I will get my own room! Yes, you heard that right, I said MY OWN PERSONAL ROOM! I set my own schedule! I get paid 60% commission…but wait for the best part…. I’m still an employee! This is the perfect opportunity for me, I will be out on my own but I won’t; the best part is taxes! I hate being 1099, a W2 would be fucking awesome! And this office space is in a fitness center, with another massage therapist in her own room next to mine! Both the trainer (the boss) and the massage therapist there seem really cool and easy going. I’m super excited and will be posting pictures of my room as I get it set up! Even better thing is they’ve had a ton of requests of Reiki and you all know Reiki is my thing! I’M SO EXCITED!


Want to be able to give that special someone a super relaxing back massage?

Follow along with licensed massage therapist Meera Hoffman as she explains 50 different massage therapy techniques for giving a super relaxing back massage!

I am a Healer. Long may I reign

I find it really insulting some of the things a person will say to you, knowing you’re an LMT.

The most commonly heard:

“Did you have to go to school for this?”
“Your lucky you don’t have a real job”
“You lucked out getting such a cake job!”
“Is this hard? It doesn’t look hard”
“I’m a nurse/nurse assistant/dental assistant/lab assistant/physical therapist (or I know one) let me tell you all the things your doing wrong”
“Anyone can walk in here and do this right?”
“So how many people do you get asking for happy endings?”

Sure, some of them are in jest, but a majority of comments like that pretty much say you’re undermining me and my coworkers for what we do.

Yes, we go to school for this. We have to go to school for 500-1,000 hours for this in one year. Not only that, once we’re done with school it doesn’t mean shit unless you can pass your licensing exam.

Yes, not only do we have to go to college like every other job, we have to be licensed. Every massage therapist is a licensed health provider, exactly the same as a nurse or lab assistant or any other type of medical field.

However, unlike these jobs, our license needs renewed every ODD YEAR. We need to take 24 ADDITIONAL class hours every renewal period or we LOSE OUR LICENSE. I have no idea if other medical license’s are like that, but its hell. Because those classes are hundreds of dollars and mandatory.

Not to mention the rules and laws constantly fluxxing around our career. Just last month it was mandatory for all LMT’s to have their fingerprints electronically cataloged into the state’s system. This costs us an additional hundred dollars or so. And its mandatory. Or we LOSE OUR LICENSE.

So comments like that that undermine my career for less than it is I find highly offensive. We know more about that human body than any nurse. We are trained to not only know the body but the mind also. What do you do if your client has an emotional breakdown? Or if having their legs touched sends them into an anxiety attack? We know how to calm a person with PTSD, who fell asleep on the table and woke up thinking he was back in Iraq. Do you have any idea the training that requires? And you would be very surprised how many diseases can effect your ability to be touched. Did you know you can’t get a massage if you have AIDS? Or Fibromyalgia? Just the other day my client had cerebral palsy. She was my age but had no control over her body and had no ability to communicate. I had to trust her mother could read her enough to get us through the treatment.

Yes, it is hard. It is very very hard. I am a massage therapist. I exist to take away your pain, soothe your mind, and heal you from the inside out from chakras to hair follicles and back again.

It is not a cake job. It is a real job. And I wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world.

I am a Healer. Long may I reign.

EDIT: Someone pointed out an inconsistency which I removed about fibromyalgia. Although you CAN get massaged if you have it, if it’s in a flare up stage it is extremely contraindicated. Than again, if it is in flare up you don’t really want to be touched at all! Yikes! But that was not the point of this post at all and I apologize for getting overzealous and forgetting that point. Thank you <3


Hey, I made a new video! This one is for massage therapist self-care: how to deal with thumb pain. At no point in the video do I say, “just power through it!” or “gut it out!”


LUSH Spa // NYC, 2016

Hey, guys! So I finally, finally, FINALLY got to go to the LUSH Spa! I chose to do the Synaesthesia treatment, which I’ve been dreaming about since it launched a few years ago. The treatment is designed to merge your senses, much like synaesthesia does in real life. As someone with mild synaesthesia, I always thought it would be interesting to experience this spa treatment, and now I have!

First of all, I want to start out by saying that the NYC spa is GORGEOUS. The spa is designed to look like a kitchen, complete with reclaimed wooden fixtures and a beautiful ceramic sink. I’ll be posting more photos from the spa, so keep an eye out for those! Second, my spa therapist was Sarah Ferry and she was absolutely amazing. She made the treatment feel like a choreographed dance. It was incredibly graceful. 

Synaesthesia is a customised spa experience that is built around how YOU want to feel. When you walk into the spa, your therapist will ask you to choose one of the words that are written on the wall. I chose “enlightened”. While Sarah went to prep the room for my treatment, I got to pick out an essential oil from the shelves (but I wasn’t allowed to smell it). The oils are labelled with words or phrases like “curious”, “calm”, “muscle”, or “detached”. I chose “achieve”. The word from the wall decides which massage bar is used for your treatment, and the essential oils are used as well.

The room itself was sparsely lit with essential oils bubbling away in beakers, and the treatment’s soundtrack - a mix of a 52-piece orchestra and bird song recorded over a 24 hour period - was playing through a sound system. For this spa treatment, you remove as much clothing as you feel comfortable with (in private of course) and your therapist will leave the room until you’re under the towel. 

The treatment itself is 80 minutes of ultra-relaxing massage. You get to choose between a stomach massage or a hot stone placement. I chose the stones because I don’t like people touching my stomach, but I’ve heard good things about the stomach massage from co-workers. 

My favourite part was near the end, during the facial massage. Sarah used one hot stone and one cold stone on either side of my face and then switched them during the massage. It was really refreshing and I felt super relaxed afterward. I don’t really know how to explain it, but I definitely recommend it. 

After the treatment was over, Sarah left the room while I got dressed, and when I went back out into the consultation/kitchen area, she had a cup of hot tea waiting for me. Some of the “achievement” essential oil was mixed in with the tea! I also got to take home one of the Enlightenment massage bars and an Enlightenment bubble stone. They smell amazingly herbal, and I’m so excited to use them at home!

Overall, it was the most relaxing thing I have ever experienced, and I felt like a new person afterward. The treatment’s soundtrack was so great that I even bought a copy of it in the store before I left. If you’re looking for a quality spa experience or even just a relaxing way to spend an afternoon, definitely check out the LUSH spa!

  • <p> <b>Me:</b> Undress to your level of comfort. You can put your clothes on the chair or the hook on the back of the door.<p/><b>Client:</b> *puts clothes on floor*<p/><b>Client:</b> *puts clothes on therapist's stool*<p/><b>Client:</b> *puts clothes on table*<p/><b>Client:</b> *puts clothes on ceiling*<p/><b>Client:</b> *completely surrounds table with a moat of clothes*<p/><b>Client:</b> *puts clothes literally anywhere else other than the two spots mentioned*<p/><b>Me:</b> Why...?<p/></p>
Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life....

My last client reminded me of all the reasons I do what I do. He felt amazing after and told me it was by far the best massage he’d ever had.
I made 8 people feel great today. For one of them it was their first massage ever. One of my clients was a pro athlete and she’ll be back to see me. I got rid of 2 headaches, and helped manage 2 rotator cuff injuries.
It’s been a great day, long, but great.

I love what I do for a living. I get to end my days with satisfaction, knowing I’ve made someone feel better.

I am grateful everyday for being blessed to do something I love, to be able to do it well, and to have the best part time job on the planet. 12hr a week pays my bills and I’ve never worked more than 30 in a week. If it wasn’t so physically demanding, I’d do it 60hrs a week, that’s how much I love it.

To the powers that be,
Thank you, a thousand times - Thank you!

Truly blessed