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What stuns me about this photo (taken in 1897) is how shockingly little has changed. You can still access the subway from the very first entrance and egress points on Boston Common. I’ve no doubt that some of the tiling in the vestibules is authentic to the time, as the MBTA doesn’t make improvements or upgrades until absolutely, totally necessary.

SN: sometimes it’s good to highlight an ‘amen to that article/initiative’. Best to rethink existing highways to fit a more pedestrian and mass transit future now instead of delaying through deliberation.

Residents, urban planner call for Florida to demolish I-275

The effort comes after an urban planner suggested the Florida Department of Transportation review 275, which cuts through Seminole Heights and Tampa Heights, the Tampa Bay Times reports. The highway is “expendable” and has damaged neighborhoods, Joshua Frank said.

In his Master’s degree thesis, Frank proposed an alternative to the Tampa Bay Expressway highway expansion program, known as TBX, the Times explains. “Tear it down,” said Frank, who is the vice president and president-elect of the non-profit Urban Charrette. The group promotes urban design practices within communities.

Frank proposed turning the Interstate into a “wide, landscaped boulevard,” the Times explains. That boulevard would have bike and walking paths, in addition to light commuter rail. The boulevard would be lined with trees, similar to the Embarcadero in San Francisco or the Champs-Élysées in Paris, Frank told the Times. Frank’s idea is called, “Bifurcation to Boulevard.”

The highway has wreaked havoc on neighborhoods, Frank said. He pointed to air pollution, noise levels and lower property values, the Times reports. He called for “reintegrating” six neighborhoods split by 275. That would improve residents’ quality of life and promote economic activity, he argued.

Reaction on social media proved mix. “I’ve studied urban planning for years. Making roads bigger usually makes traffic worse. Tampa highways are ridiculous and ineffective. We’re past that point and need efficient public transportation. There are too many people here now to rely on highways as our sole method of transportation. In other words, the nightmare will continue to get worse until we invest heavily in mass transit and stop trying to make the roads bigger,” one person said in response to the Times article.


Caption: “A pair of photos of an interesting CTA fantrip 5-28-73, using all three classes of CTA’s PCC-derived rapid transit cars: 6101-02 (one of two sets of 6000’s that kept their original dual headlights), a 1-50 series car, and ‘Jitterbug’ articulated car 53. Seen here at Armitage on the North Side mainline.”


May 28, 1973

Purchased dupe slides, photographer unknown (collection of John Smatlak)


B&O 6607 GP9 in Forest Glen, MD in December 1980 B33 by Marty Bernard
Via Flickr:
A Roger Puta Photograph


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Top: a 6 train passing through the old City Hall station in 2016.  The station, widely acknowledged as the jewel of the entire subway system, was decommissioned at the end of 1945.  Part of the problem can be seen in this photo: the curvature of the platform doesn’t conform to modern trains, creating a prohibitively wide and unsafe gap.  The station is still visited by special tours administered by the New York Transit Museum, whose photo this is.

Bottom: another view of the City Hall station, undated, by Marc A. Hermann.