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30 Days Commander Shepard Meme

Here is a 30 days meme for your Shepard, created by me and @katjalaroux!

  1. Introduce your Shepard. How do they look? What do they think about themselves? What kind of person is your Shepard, what are their ambitions and goals? Are they Renegade or Paragon?
  2. Tell us about your Shepard’s family background - parents, siblings? How was their relationship with them? Are any of them alive? Are they still in contact with them? Were they a Spacer, a Colonist or Earthborn?
  3. What is your Shepard’s psychological profile? War Hero? Sole Survivor? Ruthless? How do they feel about this past?
  4. Is there an event from your Shepard’s past (before they joined the Alliance) that they regret? What is it?
  5. Is there an event from your Shepard’s past (before they joined the Alliance) that they look fondly on? What is it?
  6. How is your Shepard with weapons and technology? Can they handle the new challenges or are they dependent on help? Do they fight primarily with guns or do they have biotics? Tech skills?
  7. What is their usual setup? What armor and weapons do they usually carry into a fight?
  8. Does your Shepard have any tattoos or piercings? If so, what are they and why did they get them?
  9. Time for Favorites: Song? Color? Food? Ice Cream? Scent? Movie? Book? Is there a specific drink they like to have? Is there a type of comfort food they like?
  10. How do they feel about being in command of the Normandy? About their SPECTRE status?
  11. Any skills outside of fighting that your Shepard has: Do they know how to cook? Do they have any hobbies that they like to do? Do they collect anything? What do they do with it? Where do they keep it?
  12. What are your Shepard’s fears? Are they afraid of anything in particular?
  13. Does your Shepard have a home away from the Normandy? If so, where is it and how do they keep it? If not, then what does your Shepard do to make their cabin feel more homely?
  14. Squad: Who is your Shepard’s best friend? Do they like to do anything specific together?
  15. Squad: Who does your Shepard like the least? Why?
  16. Squad: Who is your Shepard’s go to squad for missions? Why do they choose that particular squad?
  17. Romance: Are they romantically involved with anyone? If yes, what is their relationship like?
  18. Romance: If Shepard and their partner could spend a romantic moment together, what would it be like?
  19. What is your Shepard’s favorite place to go in the galaxy? Why?
  20. What is your Shepard’s least favorite place to go in the galaxy? Why?
  21. What is your Shepard’s relationship to the Council? To Udina? To Anderson? Do they deal with authority well or do they struggle against them?
  22. What do they admire in others? What talents do they wish they had?
  23. What is your Shepard’s biggest pet peeve?
  24. How does your Shepard deal with their enemies? Do they resort to violence or do they try to be diplomatic?
  25. How does your Shepard deal with death? Not just the deaths of civilians, but of friends (such as Mordin or Thane).
  26. What was your Shepard’s first reaction to seeing a Reaper?
  27. What does your Shepard think about Cerberus? What do they think about the mercenaries that they run into on a regular basis? Is there a specific one they dislike the most? Why?
  28. What ending did your Shepard choose? Destroy, Synthesis or Control? Why did they choose this?
  29. Is there a song that describes your Shepard? If yes, why did you choose that song? Does your Shepard have a playlist?
  30. Share your favorite piece of art or your favorite screenshot of your Shepard. What about it makes it your favorite?

enecola  asked:

Ah you're probably already thrown to death with prompts, so don't worry about doing this! I couldn't decide what to send haha. So Shakarian with 1! Have a lovely day!

things you said at 1 a.m.

“You were right,” Shepard said.

Garrus, nearly asleep, shook himself awake and turned to face her. She lay on her back, staring up at the stars—which, in and of itself was enough to alarm him—her hands folded across her belly, her feet crossed at the ankles. The slow rise and fall of her chest was so painfully measured he knew she was counting her breaths, seeing how long she could face the stars without rolling away, hiding her face, gasping for breath as if her oxygen line was cut.

Slowly, measuredly, he replied, “Usually am. But about what in particular?”

That she didn’t laugh—or throw a playful punch his way—at the cockiness said almost as much as her posture, as the carefulness of her breathing. “What you said. About ruthless calculus. I didn’t want—I still don’t want—to think that way, but you were right. I—we—not everyone’s going to make it out of this. So if people are going to die, I need to figure out how to… minimize the damage. Maximize the lives spared.”

“Shepard,” he said, lifting himself up onto an elbow. “I’m pretty sure those worries are above your pay grade.”

“It’s not funny.”

“I’m not joking.”

In the silence, he watched her hold her eyes open as long as she could, and then she did turn away from the nemesis of vacuum, rolling to face him. “How do I choose? What if it’s a billion lives here and billion lives there? How do I choose one over the other?”

He hesitated before saying, “How did you choose on Virmire?”

She flinched as though he’d slapped her, but she answered all the same. “Alenko was with the bomb. That was the mission objective. Ash… if Ash had been with the bomb, I’d’ve saved her. It wasn’t… it wasn’t personal.”

“Right,” he said. “And now? What’s the mission objective?”

She closed her eyes, inhaling deeply. After an even longer exhale, she said, “Stop the Reapers. End them. Obliterate them. Throw a wrench in their goddamned Cycle once and for all.”

“So that’s how you choose,” he said, running the backs of his fingers down her troubled cheek, gratified when some of her worry—just a little, just enough—eased. “Don’t think about all the—make it about the mission objective.”

“That’s cold,” she whispered. And then, before he could offer his own words, “But that’s war.” She sighed and then almost smiled. “Right twice in one conversation, Vakarian. Don’t let it go to your head.”

“Me? Never. I’m the picture of humility.”

She snorted, and in the language of Shepard’s dark nights, he knew the worst had passed. For now.

MEA Party Week Meme!

Mass Effect Andromeda Appreciation WEEK!

Rules: Answer the questions and tag 10 people. [Optional: post any MEA screenshot you’d like to share!]

Tag your posts #meapartyweek

I was tagged by @king-of-kadara and @rumpelgirl , thank you so much guys ;-;

I never have any idea of who to tag so I’m just going to tag people I saw in my activity :D @knjyasu @renegon @sheparddcommander @evilsapphyre @screaminghawke @rebelliousmonkey @kingofkadara @mhara @reyescott @annarieta  ( Sorry if you’ve been tagged already, have fun!) 

  • What is your favorite scene in MEA?
    Okay it won’t surprise ANYONE but 

I thought my heart was going to explode, I was totally charmed by Reyes and his relation with Ryder, the whole Reyes’ romance is just so amazing, definitely my favorite part of the game.

  • What is your favorite quest?
    Outside of all Reyes’ quests, I’d say Liam’s loyalty mission. I just laughed my ass off. Liam is so funny, I just loved it. 
  • What is your favorite weapon?

I screamed when I saw that I could have the black widow my dude

  • What is your favorite armor?
    N7 Armor, I’m a simple woman 
  • What is your favorite power ability?
    Singularity saved my ass so many times
  • What is your favorite planet?
    Kadara 👀 
  • What is your favorite addition to MEA that wasn’t in the original trilogy?
    THE 👏 JUMP 👏 JETS 
  • Who is your favorite non-romanced (one you didn’t romance but could be) character? (can be NPC or squadmate)
    Kandros I’d say, he’s a really cool guy, and, well, he’s handsome as hell. I love his voice as well, good to hear it in multi! ( Also Drack and Vetra of course ) 
  • Favorite squad/party combo?
  • Favorite non-bipedal animal on Andromeda?
    The manta, definitely. Here be dragons.
  • What surprised you most when you first played MEA?
    The fact that I romanced a human. I don’t usually play Mass Effect to not romance aliens, so really, Reyes was a total surprise. 
  • Also I was surprised that I appreciated biotics and techs, because I always played as Soldier before. 
  • What is your favorite quote?

“ You have bad taste in men” “The worst” 

becausedragonage  asked:

For the fanfic ask: wind, touch, and/or violent

A gout of flame and small chunks of metal flew past her, and was immediately drawn back with a gust of powerful wind; hull breach alarm added to the battle stations one, and airlocks clamped down to seal the hole. 

The cabin barely had a personal touch—there was no pictures of friends or family, nothing to indicate a hobby, just a carefully folded gray t-shirt and a pair of loose pants near the pillow, a datapad and a box of memory cards on the workdesk, and a punching bag in the corner.

“There’s some nasty crap brewing; I need to put it down, violently, before it hits the fan and my kid is left to mop up.”

all from the temporarily abandoned Great Mass Effect Fix-It Fic

thatlipstickbitch  asked:

19; Forceful Kiss - Shakarian :)

oh goodness, I filled another prompt from December. I am on a roll, people!


“Oh damn!” Vega said, sounding half horrified. “Scars is gonna be in trouble…” Cortez looked up from his workstation. Vega turned around from his station, omni-tool out. “Esteban, you see this shit?”


“No idea what you’re talking about, Mister Vega,” Cortez said. “Care to enlighten me?”


Vega walked over, well, half ran over to Cortez. “Look at this,” he said, throwing his omni-tool screen up on the wall. A reporter from Westerlund News stood in the screen.


“Looks like it’s not just work and war for Commander Shepard these days,” the reporter said gleefully. “There have been rumors about the commander’s love life for quite some time, but her only statement to that regard has been ‘no comment.’ Well, we’re quite curious to know what she has to say to this!”


The vid switched to a hallway, one of the nicer apartment areas on the Presidium. The footage was grainy, no doubt hastily thrown together video surveillance. Garrus and Shepard stepped into view. Garrus seemed to be searching for a specific spot on the wall. He crooked a finger and Shepard stood against the wall, her face scrunched up, her head tilted.


The footage was visual only, so Cortez couldn’t hear the words Garrus and Shepard were saying to each other, but they seemed heated. Cortez glanced at the time stamp. Yesterday evening, so probably right after he picked Shepard up from Aria’s fleet.


“It’s about to get good,” Vega said in a low voice.


Shepard was clearly getting annoyed with the conversation. She took a step away from the wall, but Garrus pushed her back up against it and they started kissing roughly. It was strange, watching the kiss, with two mouths that were never meant to fit together. But there was a practiced ease to their movements.


Garrus’ hands gripped Shepard’s waist tightly and Cortez smirked, knowing what that meant to turians. He had dated a turian for a few months before he met Robert. And unlike Shepard and Garrus, Cortez never really bothered with kissing.


During this, Shepard grabbed the collar of Garrus’ armor, clearly trying to get as close to him as possible. After a good twenty seconds, the kiss stopped and Garrus rested his brow against Shepard’s, who took his hands in hers.


It was no secret on the Normandy that Shepard and Garrus were a couple. But watching them like this, not even the kiss, but just the way they looked at each other after, seemed like a gross invasion of privacy. So much that Cortez felt the need to look away.


Behind Cortez and Vega, the cargo bay doors opened. “Cortez, I need to check…”


Vega clumsily shut off his omni-tool and Cortez looked down at his console, feeling a hint of guilt.


“Hey, Lola…”


Cortez risked a look at Shepard, who looked more amused than anything else. “Think the entire galaxy has seen that yet?” she asked. She crossed her arms over her chest. “Garrus said he knew a couple of spots on the Presidium that weren’t covered in surveillance cameras. A C-Sec Officer thing.”


“They change them since Scars was a cop?” James asked.


“Nope. Apparently, it’s incredibly easy to introduce a VI into the Citadel’s surveillance system,” Shepard said, shaking her head. “And more than one news outlet has one tracking every move I make on the damn Citadel. Who knew?”


“What are they going to do about it?” Cortez asked.


“Nothing,” Shepard said. “Bailey says they don’t have the man power to deal-“ Shepard stopped talking when her omni-tool beeped.


As she checked her message, James said, “That’s messed up. No one should be able to access the surveillance like that.”


“Agreed,” Cortez said. He was about to ask a question when Shepard started laughing. Hard. Hard enough to reach out to balance herself against the wall.


“You gonna let us in on the joke, Lola?”


“You guys remember Ashley, right?” Shepard said, still smiling. “She just saw the footage from Huerta and reminded me about a conversation we had once.”


“How kissing turians wouldn’t be necessary on our mission,” Shepard said, her eyes bright as she walked to the weapons bench. “Shows what she knows.”

MEA Party Week Meme!

Mass Effect Andromeda Appreciation WEEK!

Rules: Answer the questions and tag people.

[Optional: post any MEA screenshot you’d like to share!] Don’t forget to tag your post with #meapartyweek

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Tagging: Have you done this yet? I feel like I’m coming in at the end, here, so if you want to answer the questions and haven’t been tagged, YOU ARE TAGGED NOW.

(Sadly, it turns out Fraps and my computer weren’t playing nice for like… most of the last half of the game. *SOB* So have this one. Because hands. And intimacy.)

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bookworm731  asked:

Gymnophoria with either Grace and Garrus or Rose and Cullen

(This one’s going to be Shepard/Garrus, because someone else asked for Rose/Cullen.)

Gymnophoria - The sensation that someone is mentally undressing you.

Garrus scratched the back of his neck not because it was itchy, but because he missed the protection of his armor. He’d been a sniper too long; things had tried to kill him too often. He longed for ablative plate, for the security of shields.

He didn’t understand how Shepard could stand it, running around the way she did in floaty bits of clothing, neck and back and legs bare, like her pale skin wasn’t a soft, unprotected target. When he’d made the mistake of saying so, she’d only smiled a rueful smile, patted him on the arm and said, “Date night and warfare are not, in point of fact, the same thing. I’ve had a lot of the latter. I’d like a bit of the former to balance it out.”

So he obliged her. Of course he obliged her, unprotected neck be damned. He scratched it again, troubled by a prickle between his shoulders, the faint but nonetheless certain feeling that meant he was being watched. He’d scoped the place before taking his place at the bar and nothing had alarmed him. A tired-looking photographer snapped a single shot before ambling away again. Perhaps he’d returned. Photographers always made him itchy.

The prickle intensified. He rolled his shoulders, turning away from the bar, leaning on it as though relaxed, but using the vantage to peer into dark corners, searching for the source. Nothing. He tugged on the hem of his tunic, and ran his palms down the legs of his trousers.

“Hey, soldier, fancy meeting you here,” Shepard purred into his ear. “Nice shirt. I think it would look fabulous on my bedroom floor.”

Garrus Vakarian didn’t jump. He did, however, twitch. The feeling of being watched began to ebb.

She laughed, then rose on her toes to press a kiss to his mandible. “You’ll be happy to hear tour murder look remains terrifying.”

“There’s no murder look.”

“Oh, there’s definitely murder look. I much prefer this one, though.”

His mandibles fluttered. “And what look is that?”

“The imagining your shirt on my bedroom floor and picturing how it got there look, obviously.”

Her bare arm slipped teasingly around his waist, their skin separated only by the thin fabric of his tunic. He didn’t so much twitch as shiver, already anticipating the scenario her words painted.


autumnyte  asked:

△ What part of Garrus's body does Grace appreciate most?

The fact that she blushes before answering tells you that, whatever her answer is about to be? She had a different one first. (That first honest answer, which is a 10 on the scale, and which she won’t actually say but I can tell you what it was, was, “His heart.” And she doesn’t just mean emotionally. I think she’s genuinely glad that, after all the scares they’ve had, that damned heart is still beating.)

The answer she gives, also reluctantly–not because it’s embarrassing, really, but because she tends to keep personal stuff close to her chest even at the best of times–is, “His hands.” She doesn’t elaborate, but her tone of voice says she’s not thinking of anything sexual. She’s perhaps thinking of the number of times those hands have been there for her; how they shook around that stupid bottle of bad wine; how tender they can be and how dangerous–she likes both. They’re capable hands. They’re a master’s hands.

The answer Jack yells from across the room so everyone can hear it is, “You’re a liar, Girl Scout! We all know it’s his tongue! Or maybe his–”

“Thank you, Jack,” she replies dryly. “I believe we get the picture.”

probablylostrightnow  asked:

How (if at all) would Garrus and Shepard's life be different if that rocket had missed him?

I had to do a lot of thinking about this one. I think for my Shepard and Garrus life would be very different for both of them.

This got really long and ridiculously detailed, so the rest is under a cut.

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