Mass Effect Meme Answers

pierceaholic asked:

△ What part of Garrus's body does Grace appreciate most?

The fact that she blushes before answering tells you that, whatever her answer is about to be? She had a different one first. (That first honest answer, which is a 10 on the scale, and which she won’t actually say but I can tell you what it was, was, “His heart.” And she doesn’t just mean emotionally. I think she’s genuinely glad that, after all the scares they’ve had, that damned heart is still beating.)

The answer she gives, also reluctantly–not because it’s embarrassing, really, but because she tends to keep personal stuff close to her chest even at the best of times–is, “His hands.” She doesn’t elaborate, but her tone of voice says she’s not thinking of anything sexual. She’s perhaps thinking of the number of times those hands have been there for her; how they shook around that stupid bottle of bad wine; how tender they can be and how dangerous–she likes both. They’re capable hands. They’re a master’s hands.

The answer Jack yells from across the room so everyone can hear it is, “You’re a liar, Girl Scout! We all know it’s his tongue! Or maybe his–”

“Thank you, Jack,” she replies dryly. “I believe we get the picture.”

biowarewolf asked:

1, 13, 16, 28 :3

1: Favorite background and psych profile?

Background? Spaceborn. Gives Shepard some parents, and pairs nicely with Sole Survivor to give them some scars as well. (Also Hannah Shepard is awesome)

Psych Profile? Sole Survivor. War Hero sets the story perfectly for a lily-white Shepard who never questions their beliefs or themselves. Sole Survivor, on the other hand? That leaves Shepard in a position to develop more as a person.

13: Who did your first Shepard leave behind on Virmire?

Paul Shepard ultimately didn’t want to leave anyone behind…but when the hard choice had to be made, he chose to save Kaidan. Ashley Williams died in the line of duty.

16: Favorite species?

If not for Admiral Loghain Mac Tir, er, Gerrel and the general Quarian attitudes towards the geth, they’d be up there.

My vote has to go for the Turians. Saren notwithstanding, they’re a race that generally has their shit together (can’t say the same for humanity and whatever the hell kind of plan the Alliance had against the Collectors, which is, ignore it). Also, Garrus Vakarian. That’s all for now.

28: What’s the most hilarious thing that’s happened to you while playing (a glitch, a mission that went haywire, etc)?

Getting attacked by husks after rescuing Legion. During a cutscene. Jack and Thane did not give a single fuck.

occulara asked:

Triangle (if I can do another one? if not ignore) for Garrus and/or Grace. Would you ever like to get married?

Hee! This one already has an answer, sort of, though it’s buried in a tiny ficlet several years old. 


“So, what do you think?” Garrus blurted. Nice. Very smooth, Vakarian.

“About?” She leaned against him comfortably, and he curled an arm around her shoulders, pulling her even closer.

“Should we, uh, make it official?”

She smiled up at him, her eyes wide and shining in the moonlight. The lap of waves against the shore played unnervingly soothing counterpart to the pounding of his heart. “What, you mean get married? Have a bonding ceremony? A little of both?”

He nodded, his throat suddenly tight. Strange how, even after all this time, she still had that effect on him. She flattened her palm against his scarred cheek and pressed herself up with her other hand to get the leverage she needed to kiss him. “Sure, if you want,” she said, her voice a low, thrilling purr. “But as far as I’m concerned, it’s already a done deal. One-turian-woman, remember? You’re kinda stuck with me.”

He chuckled, giving an answering nuzzle to her cheek. “That wasn’t exactly what I was asking. Then.”

“I know,” she said, shifting to kiss him on the mouth, sweet and insistent and full of promises, “but it’s what I meant when I answered.”

occulara asked:

Triangle for Rose and Tyrra: have they ever walked in on their parents', ah, *alone time*?

Rose scratches her head. “Huh? You mean like when they’re in the living room watching vids?”

Tyrra glares murder as only turians can glare murder. “That’s none of your business.”

“What?” asks Rose. “Watching vids? I don’t think they care if we talk about that. It’s not a big secret or anything. Everyone watches vids sometimes.”

“Mmm,” says Tyrra. Growls Tyrra?

(Do you feel awkward? Tyrra’s trying to make you feel awkward.)

Meanwhile, Rose is saying, “I mean everyone needs some alone time. Do you mean the bathroom? ‘Cause that’s what locks are for. Oh! Do you mean that time they were playing doctor? ‘Cause that was weird. It just looked like a lot of kissing to me.”

(You might, at this moment, be turning over the words ‘playing doctor’ in your head. In some confusion.)

“I mean, I know their doctor and I don’t think that’s–”

“Rose,” Tyrra says, with no small amount of exasperation. “They mean sex.”

“Oh,” says Rose, making a face. “Gross.”

anonymous asked:

△ (Okay, so, she technically isn't an "OC," but you've done so much with her that I think this'll be acceptable? I hope?) For Solana (post-AHOD, I guess), so... you and Naxus... now that the family's all together, any kids on the way yet?

(Yeah, her name may have come up a few times in-game, but my Solana is definitely mine ;))

This is about a six on the answering scale. (Mostly because she’s busy swallowing six versions of none of your business.)

For a while, it looks like she’s not going to answer at all. Then Naxus clears his throat and says, “I don’t think asking the question’s a murdering offense, love.”

“I’m tired of people thinking my brother’s position in the very public eye somehow means my business is also newsworthy. Or any of their concern at all.” Solana sighs. “Fine. No kids yet. If we’re being perfectly honest here, I’ve spent the last several years caring for… for people. Not least of which is myself.” She pats her cloned leg. “And I’m not done with that. Not ready to start caring for someone even smaller and more helpless.”

“She’s being modest,” Naxus adds. “She’s part of a tech-development team–”

“A very classified tech-development team,” Solana interrupts. “But yes. I’m ready for a few career challenges, for a change.” She turns a soft look toward Naxus. “And some time spent enjoying each other without the pressure of a war raging around us.” She waves a slightly-dismissive hand. “We’ll get to procreating eventually.”

Naxus laughs. “She makes it sound so appealing.”

“Besides,” Solana insists, “do you have any idea how great it is, being an aunt? I can get away with anything. And then I get to give the kids back.