In which everything is explained
  • Miranda:Illusive man, I've had a look at the dossiers you've forwarded. And I have questions.
  • TIM:Yes Lawson, what is it?
  • Miranda:Why precisely are they so cryptic? I mean The Professor? Convict? Master Thief? Archangel?! We know exactly who these people are. What is the reason for this?
  • TIM:Lawson, I am not called Informative Man, I am the Illusive Man for a reason. Also Intel tells me that should we reveal to Shepard who these people are, it would alter her course.
  • Miranda:That seems fake, but okay. Explain?
  • TIM:It's imperative to pick up Mordin Solus first. Shepard's psyche analysis suggests that were we to reveal that Archangel is the Turian Vakarian, she will drop everything and go there first.
  • Miranda:Sir, Shepard is a professional, she will go where we tell her.
  • TIM:Just make sure you get Mordin first.
  • Shepard:What do you know of Archangel?
  • Aria:Nothing, he is a Turian sniper that pissed off a lot of mercs. He never set foot on my turf so I left him to it.
  • Shepard:Turian you say?
  • Miranda:Err... Shepard, The Illusive Man was explicit that we should get Dr Mordin Solus first...
  • Shepard:Yes yes, plague, mad scientist, important. I've heard all of that. Aria tell me more about this Turian?
  • Aria:I don't know anything neither do I care. Leave.
  • Shepard:Alright Cerberus traitors let's go get Archangel!
  • Jacob:Commander, Mordin Solus?
  • Shepard:Not a shit is given, Archangel is a Turian and has a kick ass name. We're going.
  • Miranda:But Solus is like, right there... Literally 2 min walk from here...
  • Shepard:Did I stutter?! Archangel. Let's go.
  • Miranda:You were right.
  • TIM:I usually am. What happened?
  • Miranda:Shepard destroyed half of Omega to get to Vakarian. Most of the population already succumbed to the plague and Mordin is still on Omega. She is now refusing to move, she locked herself in her quarters with the Turian.
  • TIM:I told you not to tell her his identity.
  • Miranda:We didn't. She heard Turian and she bolted into a sea of mercs. We nearly died.
  • TIM:We must add Turian fetish to the file...


I always feel terrible whenever I get near the end of Mass Effect 3, mainly because of Liara. I have gone though the trilogy a few times, and I have never romanced her. Because of this, and because she is not a favorite character of mine, I pretty much forget she’s there. That is until her vision gift, and then my heart breaks in two. Like, you sweetheart, how the hell do I not think of you more often!? She’s lovely, and yet I ignore her. Now I am off to romance her ass to fix this need