Hey guys, 

Many of you filled out our ME2 survey and really helped us get a view on how Mass Effect 2 players see their Shepard, and how they play. It was great to see some of the hypotheses reflected and/or rejected in the data and we saw valuable information that could lead to very interesting findings.

However, we encountered a large unexpected error in the data set, leaving us unable to use the exact data for complex statistical analysis, and that’s where we want to go with this research, we want hard numbers to support our work.

Therefore, our only option is to run the survey again. (LINK TO SURVEY HERE). Again, this research has been approved by the University of Glasgow.

We have taken all measures to prevent the data corruption from happening again, and are still confident in this research.

But we will need your help once more. 

The response last time was absolutely fantastic and really showed the heart of this community. I hope that, if you have the time and energy, you would consider resubmitting the form or could try to help spread the word. I know it takes a bit of time (most people complete the survey in about 15 minutes), but your response is of incredible value to us.Additional details are attached below.
Thank you for your time and efforts, they are greatly appreciated. And my deepest apologies to anyone who has already done it.

We are so close. This is the final push.

narqwibqwib recently pointed out to me that I posted Cihro’s first fullbody pic/final design exactly a year ago (July 4th) and recommended I celebrate, so I painted him a nice pic. I had a few different thumbnails but ended up going with something spontaneous instead. 

and since it’s mass effect oc month, here are some quick and dirty fun facts below the cut:

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For MEOCMonth: Here’s a bust of my exiled Quarian, Kar’Razzo Vas Drala’Sira. With a more relaxed outfit than the one with his armor. I don’t really think many Quarians would have hair, but if they do, that’s what he’d have. I kinda like it actually. Might keep it.

His timeline is more established before ME1, but he does participate within the Reaper War, when that times comes, as an expert on heretic geth. He’s not much of a front line fighter.

pls i love for beach scenarios w my fave characters it is my favorite thing ever

like I imagine shepard being the best and quickest swimmer ever, always turning pool parties and relaxation swims into a competition, making everyone mad at them but still refusing to stop

tali, garrus, liara and mostly all the aliens being incredibly bad at swimming or even refusing to go near the water, not understanding why humans have this need to go inside a giant water tank

miranda bringing those blow up mattresses and huge bottles of sunscreen with her, laying underneath the sun for a few hours reading magazines only to occasionally stand up and go get herself some cocktails

jack always being way too active for everyone to keep up with her, offering to play games all the time and never getting out of the water

ashley and kaidan just sitting near the water and thinking about all their friends that are having so much fun, how they haven’t seen them like this in ages, and chatting with all the others


im rly interested to see how the game deals with the sheer distances involved between the milky way and andromeda…like andromeda is 2.5 MILLION light years away?? they might get helped along a bit if they used the citadel (since its a mass relay that connects w/ dark space if im remembering me1 right) but given that it only took the reapers 2 years to reach the milky way from dark space without it…HMM

personally i like to think during the reaper war a few hundred ships with ppl hooked up to life support were catapulted out towards andromeda as a failsafe in case the reapers won. maybe the other ships went down or maybe the ship ur on was the scout sent out to look for habitable planets. it would explain why the tech in the trailer doesnt seem to have moved on much or at all and would give bioware an excuse to not let on much abt whatever any individual shepard got up to. like that makes sense to me anyway

i think its more likely they just space magicked and found a way to get there in <1000 years tho. having mea set like millions of years in the future seems weird. plus i mean bioware loves liara so much i would be more surprised if we DIDNT hear anything at all from her (even tho she can die at the beam run, u know what theyre like w/ her. in fact i would be surprised if the whole andromeda venture didnt have SOME kind of shadow broker input given that there are probably laws and all sorts about dark space travel and in me3 liara seems to have taken it upon herself to preserve everything, like with the record device and making herself into a vi if u do the shoot the catalyst ending)

idk these are just Thoughts