Confession:  The Trespasser DLC was beautiful and yet heartbreaking at the same time. We had so many questions answered (thanks to Solas) but now we are left with a million more. It’s hard for me to say goodbye, I don’t want too. Dragon Age has helped me out so much with my depression and yet I’m now starting to feel depressed because it’s over. At least Mass Effect is released next year, right?


See that up there? Let me tell you a few things about it:

1. It is the Awsome Mystery Thing I mentioned here, and as you can see it didn’t turn into 2016’s Most Hilarious Crafting Failure. It actually turned out pretty much exactly the way I imagined it, so much so that part of me believes I’ve used up all my crafting good luck for the year on this one thing.

2. Even if I have, it’ll be totally worth it, because this is probably one of the most awesome things I’ve ever made and I’m so ridiculously happy with it it’s hard to find the words. I want to look at it and pet it and smoosh my face in it forever.

3. However, after gracing my life with its awesomeness for 48 glorious hours, it has left my house for good.

4. This hurts me.

5. It has gone to live with @painterofhorizons, who received it as her just punishment for being unreasonably and excessively nice to me. I hope she learned her lesson.

6. Everyone else, heed the warning: do not become friends with me, or you might be accosted by nerdy crafting.

7. Even though no part of this thing was ever in the same room as any of my cats, by the time I wrapped it up for shipping it was covered in enough cat hair to knit a medium-sized kitten.

8. Giving up the package at the Packstation has seriously tested my commitment to being a good and generous human being. I passed, though.

9. Barely.

10. I’m consoling myself with the fact that it now lives with a person who very much deserves to have awesome things in her life, and she seems to like it, too, so that makes everything better.

11. I’m sort of thinking of making one for myself, too. Unfortunately it’s pretty low on the priority list, so it’ll be a while before I can get around to it.

12. #11 was a lie. I’ve already cut the fabric.

Raphael Sbarge did a great job voicing Kaidan, he seems like a genuinely nice person, so why are people always posting about him being ugly in the mass effect tag?????

He looks fine in real life or in OUAT (yes, he played Jiminy Cricket, get over it!), and truth be told, he doesn’t owe people anything.

He doesn’t have to look pretty for this fandom, and his looks don’t have to be compared to Kaidan. Seriously.