The Secret Society of the Freemason

Dating to 18th-century London, Freemasonry is one of the oldest of these operating fraternal orders, although the group’s mythology claims it is rooted in the building of King Solomon’s Temple around 966 B.C. Like many similar groups, the Masons were borne out of a British craft guild, wherein stone layers learned the tricks of the trade. A present day member named Lettelier, who is a York Rite Mason, a Scottish Rite Mason, a Shriner, and a Past Master of his Lodge in Havana, provides some insight into the not-so-secret society of the Freemason.

“The concept of freemasonry, which taught architecture and geometry, goes back thousands of years,” Lettelier says. “The Greek temples, the pyramids in Egypt, you name it—none of that could have been built without a knowledge of mathematics. So whenever you see the square and compass with the letter G in the center, that stands for God or sacred Geometry.

Back in the 1500s and 1600s when the great European cathedrals were being built, a ‘freemason’ was a bricklayer or stonemason, who was free to travel and work,” he continues. “This was a big deal, because most men weren’t free. There were kings and knights, but the serfs were owned by the king. Uniquely, Freemasons were people who were allowed to travel, work, and receive master-masons wages wherever they went. They were accomplished tradesmen. Back then, you probably spent 10 years as an apprentice before you received a degree. If you gave up the secrets of geometry to someone who wasn’t worthy or well-qualified, the Freemasons would literally put you to death.”

Modern-day Freemasonry, however, emerged when the stone masonry guilds began to initiate honorary members, armchair architects or intellectuals excited about the new ideas of reason and science that were catching on during the Enlightenment. “Geometry is taught in colleges now,” Lettelier says. “But 200 years ago, geometry was only taught in Masonic Lodges. During the Renaissance, men of social class joined their local Masonic Lodges so that they could learn these things.”

The Mystery of the Masonic Mosaic Pavement

The black and white checkered floor has existed in temples since the times of ancient Egypt. More than simply decorative, the mosaic pavement bears a profound esoteric meaning. Today it is one of Freemasonry’s most recognizable symbols and is the ritualistic floor of all Masonic lodges. The pavement is the area on which initiations occur and is “emblematic of human life, checkered with good and evil.”

How Much Anti-Semitic Nonsense Can Be Packed Into One Speech?

The PLO’s ambassador to Chile endeavors to find out:

Addressing members of the “Gran Logia” Masonic Lodge, Jada’a said that Palestinians “don’t recognize the existence of the Jewish people” as there is not, in fact, any such people.

“This is not my personal analysis. Here we can refer to the Jewish Israeli professor from the University of Tel Aviv, Dr. Shlomo Sand, in his book ‘The Invention of the Jewish People.’ A Jew with Israeli passport announces that, the so-called Jewish nation is a made up invention. Because a religion cannot be a people,” he said.

Sand believes that contemporary Jews are descended from the Khazar people from the Caucasus and are not connected to the Biblical Israelites. His ideas are widely opposed both in academia and among Jews.

“Until 1896 when a group of academic intellectuals, financial advisers, majority being non-Jewish Europeans, decided to create the Zionist movement with one pretext/excuse; the creation of a homeland for the Jewish people. Although the truth is that this (the goal) is to protect their plans of dominating life in the entire planet,” he added.

Jada’a also recommended that his listeners read the The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a Czarist forgery published in the early 20th century purporting to expose the inner workings of a global Jewish conspiracy.

Bonus for citing to the “Jewish ISraeli” Shlomo Sand, given that Sand has declared his desire to “cease considering myself a Jew.

UPDATE: PA President Mahmoud Abbas has summoned the ambassador back to Ramallah.

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Is Bernard or anyone else in or affiliated to New Order involved in Masonic Lodge things?

er, i wouldn’t know but i highly doubt it? if i’m correct masonic lodges are secret society type thingies and i don’t know about anyone being involved in any. i know my stepdad definitely isnt and bernard doesn’t seem like that person so… just… no???? sorry if this answer sounds rude lmao it’s just not something i ever get asked???? tom also doesn’t seem like one and i HIGHLY doubt stephen and gillian but if u wanna go ask hooky you can lmao

I swear this restaurant my grandpa loves is actually a Masonic lodge also it is the most stressful place on earth, so many angry old people everywhere

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I notice you're a Mason. Which Lodge do you go to? Any advice for someone getting ready to take his degrees (hopefully!) in September?

Two lodges. 91 in PA and 87 in CT. 

The best advice I can give is this. Don’t psych yourself out and enjoy it. If done right, and it should be, it’s an incredible memory that will last a lifetime. Also, don’t spoil it. It’s easy to find the ritual anywhere and it’s best to go in blind. Not that I think finding the rituals will make you not want to do it, but going in as men did centuries ago without the manuals so accessible is the way it should be done. Ask questions after each degree if you have them. No question is too dumb or weird. 

And enjoy it. And while there’s no hazing involved, some guys do like to joke around with the candidates before the degrees so just take it with a grain of salt (I mostly got lines like “Ready to sacrifice some virgins?” and “Hey, the goat we got this guy is too small”). Again, hokey stuff. If they’re like that just roll with it. 

And, again, any other questions about freemasonry send to my tumblr about freemasonry:


Today marks 35 years of the death of actor Peter Sellers (1925 -1980). He became known Jacques Clouseau The Pink Panther movie.
Richard Henry Sellers better known as Peter Sellers (Hampshire, September 8, 1925-London, July 24, 1980) was a British actor and comedian of Jewish origin. He was inducted member of the Order of the British Empire.

Born in a family of vaudeville artists, he began his career with the comedy group The goon show on BBC Radio emisoria (1951-1960). Freemasonry membership was open and notorious, since it belonged until his death at the Masonic Lodge Chelsea Lodge No. 3098 in London.

After becoming a local star in the UK during the 1950s, the actor would reach international fame in the next decade, crowned as one of the most popular faces on the big screen comedy.

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Ronaldo, Dogcopter ^^

Oooo~ These are good ones!

Ronaldo: My favorite conspiracy theory is hard to choose. Because I love aliens and I get super pumped about the idea that the government is hiding the existence of aliens from us. Area 51 is probably where they used to keep the aliens but now everybody suspects so the government probably keeps them elsewhere. This one seems more plausible to me since I don’t trust the government and because we can’t be the only lifeforms in existence.

But then, my other favorite conspiracy theory is that all of the world governments are controlled by one of the secret societies that are out there and they have control over all of the bombs or something. Idk what else I think of this one. I don’t believe in it but I just like the idea of secret societies. Seeing Masonic lodges makes me want to sneak in and listen to their boy club secrets >.<

Dogcopter: When it comes to movie adaptations of books that I love, they usually suck big time. However, I do really enjoy the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit movies. They left out a lot of stuff and could have been better overall. But I grew up reading the books and watching the movies so the films still have a special place in my heart :’)

Final Weekend of Love Letters at Masonic Lodge

Final Weekend of Love Letters at Masonic Lodge

For its first show of the summer the Essex Theatre Company has welcomed Adirondack Regional Theatre to Essex to perform A.R. Gurney’s two-character play Love Letters starring Pam and Tom Lavin. Tom and Pam Lavin The first weekend has passed, but you still have three chances to watch the show this upcoming weekend. I think Pam and Tom did a terrific job! Well worth the price of a ticket. ~Kathy…

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