All that’s missing is a cabin.

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Quickies before I go study!! It’s been a while since I drew anything so this was really fun! 

Small info under the cut :3c

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  • lydia:stiles saved me
  • scott:well i mean... i did a fair portion of the work
  • parrish:yeah like i did save you from your own scream
  • kira:the whole operation lowkey depended on my ability to cause the brown out
  • liam:while scott was tryna find a way to find you i stopped a guard from coming in
  • malia:i gave kira strength and healed a chimera but okay
  • meredith:i think i did my part pretty profoundly
  • theo:well STILES couldn't have found you without me
  • deaton:the pack got you out but i saved you from the destructive scream
  • hayden:mason wouldn't have been able to reach the roof without me?
  • mason:i pretty much saved the day
  • stiles:*smiles*