The Mask of Sitdjehuti.

The golden sarcophagus lid of Queen Sitdjehuti, 17th Dynasty, ca. 1575 BC. Sitdjehuti was the daughter of Queen Tetisheri and Pharaoh Senakhtenre Ahmose, the wife of her brother Seqenenre Tao, and the mother of Princess Ahmose.

The mummy of Sitdjehuti was rediscovered around 1820. Linen, a heart scarab, and a golden mask was also found with it.

The linen is inscribed with the text:

Given in the favour of the god’s wife, king’s wife and king’s mother Ahmose Nefertari may she live, so Satdjehuty.

(S. Quirke and J. Spencer, The British Museum Book of Egypt, pg 188-189)

Courtesy & currently located at the Staatliche Sammlung für Ägyptische Kunst (State Museum of Egyptian Art), Munich. Photos taken by zeze57.