No publicists. No handlers. And they only take about an hour to film. Corden also must be a genuine fan because that’s part of the charm.

Mashable on how carpool karaoke became a late night must-watch in 2015

13 minutes aired - that means they still have approximately 47 minutes of footage they can release. We are bored 4 days into the hiatus, feel free to release it at any time. Please and thank you.


Cookie Monster.

John Oliver.

The last word on news.

(And we agree: his tie looks a lot like a cookie.)


Dear Mashable: Stop posting content and just make videos like this.


A blind man and a double amputee planted 10,000 trees.

“I am his hands. He is my eyes.”

Jia Haixa talks of his symbiotic relationship with his friend Jia Wenqi — a double amputee. The pair work together to plant trees in Yeli village, just outside of Shijiazhuang city, northern China. 

The friends approached the local government and leased a 7.5 acre stretch of land along the riverbank. They hope to transform it by planting 1,000 trees every year, and have been doing that for a decade.

People call me a “transtrender.” It’s people who pretend to be trans to be popular. It’s because of what I look like and how I’m not taking hormones for my transition, but there are plenty of transgender people who don’t want to go through that process. I like how I look, I really do. It’s up to other people to change their perception of me rather than for me to change myself to fit what their perception is. I wear dresses sometimes, but that doesn’t make me less of a man. I definitely have a feminine side. I enjoy having my makeup done and can still look pretty and be a man.

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