First of all you guys won’t believe THE AMOUNT OF WORK I HAD TO DO TO POST THIS!! My tumblr app is acting super fucking crazy so I had to send these photos to myself and post from my laptop. 

Excuse my gross ass nails but this is a partial money shot (the rest went straight to savings) and his car which I love so very much. We had a fun time at the concert and we discussed continuing an arrangement after he moves back. I pushed for an allowance, car and apartment and he seems pretty receptive to the idea but time will tell. 

We have a shopping date scheduled for this Sunday at the bougiest mall in the entire state! He made the mistake of showing me his black credit cardS that’s right CARDS as in multiple so y’all already know I’m about to fuck up some comas loooool 😈 😈 😈

Another day, another scam. 

- Mina