Masato Hijirikawa

Uta no Prince-sama (うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪)

Sumeragi Kira and Hijirikawa Masato get a more up-close and personal (and legless!) poster this month in Otomedia Magazine (Amazon Japan | eBay) with art by key animator Maki Todaka (戸髙真紀) and animation director Nozomi Nagatomo (長友望己). One animator per character! ✨



Uta no Prince-sama (うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪)

It’s showtime for Masato Hijirikawa and Kira Sumeragi in the February issue of PASH! Magazine (Amazon US | eBay), with new art work by key animator Tadashi Sakazaki (坂崎忠).

~ Cuddling with STARISH would be like...~


  • Awkward
  • Him always kicking you in awkward places
  • him always singing  a random melody
  • wanting to sniff and snuggle into his chest
  • him playing with your hair CONSTANTLY

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  • Him always wanting to be the taller one
  • “ ne, can you scooch down a little”
  • trying to make you ask him to cuddle rather the other way round
  • nether showing how happy he is when you cuddle him
  • however ultimately failing as he turns as red as a tomato

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  • him always making the first move
  • Piyo-chan always manages to squeeze in some how
  • you asking natsuki to let you breathe
  • he squeezes you tighter
  • endless reruns of cheesy romance shows while you struggle to breathe

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  • Always having to beg him to get a cuddle
  • him repeatedly denying it
  • you attack cuddle him onto the sofa
  • he acts annoyed but secretly loves it
  • him falling asleep on you
  • you try to get up but he holds on you tighter

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  • Him always making the first move
  • He doesn’t ask, he attacks you and cuddles you with hi on your chest (in a cute way)
  • you try to get off his lap but fails
  • repeatedly kisses what every part he can get to
  • “Wanna take this to the bed?”
  • “NO!”

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  • You always have to make the first move
  • Having to convince him its a good thing
  • Him not knowing what to do
  • You both end up laying next to each other holding hands
  • he kisses you while you sleep
  • You notice
  • He fakes not knowing


  • Him always asking you…like ALWAYS
  • You always say yes
  • Has to be on a sofa
  • he loving the PDA in front of the boys
  • Kinda ends up as a makeout sesh

Just a little quicke for you guys ~~ REQUESTS ARE OPEN

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what would cuddling with Reiji, Ren, Masa and Tokiya be like? :33

Here it is! Apologies if its not to your liking!!


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  • He loves holding you but eh he’d rather send you a 500 page letter on how much he loves you instead of going and hugging you coz he’s too shy
  • He prefers to hold your hand or stroke your cheek gently
  • You have to initiate the cuddles here or he will turn into a blush-filled mess trying to wrap his arms around you
  • He’s shook when you first hold him
  • He gets used to your warmth and arms and slowly hugs back
  • It feels like as if he’s scared to hold you
  • He loves holding you though, cutiepie
  • He kisses your cheek or your hair, while rubbing circles your hand.
  • His other hand loops around you
  • There’s some space between the two of you, mainly for Masa to stay sane
  • He’s the big spoon
  • He likes watching you if by any chance, you fall asleep in his arms  

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  • He’s a cuddler, yes
  • Doesn’t have the time to leisurely sit down and hold you in his arms
  • When he takes a day off, he makes sure he spends loads of time with you in his arms
  • His cuddles are warm like his heart
  • He holds you close, his cheek on your hair, his palm enveloping yours
  • He talks about anything and nothing when holding you 

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  • He sometimes sings to you and kisses your forehead lovingly
  • Sometimes he holds you so your back faces him and you’re on his lap
  • This is preferred when he’s out showing you the stars
  • His cuddles are worth all the waiting
  • He is ALWAYS the big spoon 


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  • “_______-CHAN!!” He says, sounding serious like as if a murder has just been witnessed. “What’s wrong Reiji?” You reply, a little worried. His face changes from a serious expression to a puppy face. “Hold me.” He moans.
  • Will go and hug you for no reason
  • Surprise cuddles are his forte
  • Big spoon? Little spoon? Doesn’t matter to him
  • He can hug any style and anywhere
  • His cuddles are encompassing and filled with love
  • He kisses your cheeks a lot.
  • Sometimes he goes for the lips.
  • If he tries that in public, you jab his gut.
  • Keep calm and hug Reiji Kotobuki
  • He asks if you love him as much as he loves you sometimes
  • “They see me huggin~ They hatinnn” He sings, completely in tune but very stupidly. “Oh lord, shut up Reiji” You giggle.

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  • A very casual cuddler. Lazy too
  • In one hand, he’s reading a magazine, the other is wrapped around your waist, pulling you close so you nuzzle his chest
  • “Can you hear my wild heartbeat, honey~?” He coos, before nibbling your ear.
  • He’s like this big lion when he cuddles you. You cannot trust him to not eat you.
  • #verygoodcuddlesthough
  • Loads of kisses- on your lips, nose, neck, chin. Everywhere.
  • Cuddling->Frenching->the rest is up to your imagination
  • Sometimes your clothes disappear when all you are trying to do is snuggle together.
  • When he’s sad, he hugs you from behind, his face nuzzling your neck
  • He likes being the big spoon but sometimes you gotta be the man too.
  • Another guy who is merciless when he finds out you’re ticklish
  • His lap is your chair. Also if you fall asleep in his arms, there’s a good chance he might snap some pictures or talk to you in your sleep.

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Masato Repeat Love CGs with more bad translations because I could be doing better things with my life

“The girl who shaped me is now my lover. If we’re together, you will bring light into my future.”

“Bits of luck have given me courage. It was you after all.”

“…! Your shoulder is getting wet. I got too caught up to notice. It’s fine if you get a little closer.”

“You always take care of me. I want to return the favor.”

“Time spent like this is amazing. It changes with every heart.” 

“Those wet lips… Don’t worry so much. I’m protecting you now.”