[One For All] - A ROOKIES Fanmix by tehwolfeh

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[No control - All we are is underdogs and trash]

01 Never Enough - Five Finger Death Punch

“It’s all so messed up and no one ever listens
Everyone’s deranged
I’m just so fucked up and I’m never gonna change
I wanna lay it all to waste
They’re always say this, say that, nothing that you want to
I don’t wanna live that way (No!)
Every chance they get they’re always shoving me aside”

02 Fire - Lacuna Coil

“Let the fire enter you
Let the anger start to brew
Let your instincts break the rules
Let it rise and rise in you”

03 What It’s Like to Be Hated - Mansun

“We are shit and refuse to wallow in rejection
My will is shattered again
My leeches, parasite friends
No man’s an island they said
I breathe my solitary air
Explain myself to no one
Beautiful sad solitude”

04 You Think We Suck - Ape Fight

“You think we suck
Well, do you really think that we don’t know we suck?
We’re drinking forties
Oh lordy lordy”

[Teach us how to dream – Can we really believe?]

05 Underdogs - Manic Street Preachers

“This one’s for the freaks
Beaten down and crushed
The shy and withdrawn
Or just out of touch

May you stay like freaks
May you make mistakes
May ya will never break
For underdogs revenge is sweet, revenge is sweet”

06 Yesterday Was Hard On All Of Us- Fink

“Who can we trust from here?
Who can we trust?
And are you real or just something from wanderlust?
Who can you trust when ears we flower?
Who can you trust?”

07 Tobira - GReeeeN (Kawato)

“Hey, lift your chin up and smile a little
I know you’ve been through a lot
And the story’s not going the way you thought it would

But tomorrow comes for everyone
Time passes by and won’t wait for you
Don’t look away from the future you can see now”

08 Change Ur World - KAT-TUN

“If I can only fly, shouldn’t I?
Shed everything;
there is no stopping place. I won’t return.
This is the beginning
doubts disappear and die
no one can fight me now.

You can change your world”

[To Koshien! - Nikogaku, full throttle!]

09 We Ready - Ya Boy

“We ready, fresh off the block
We ready, coming for the top spot
We ready, that’s right, we came to win
I’m going in, I’m going in”

10 We’re Gonna Win - Bryan Adams

“We’re gonna win 
Forget about a draw - We’re gonna score
And then we’re gonna get a few more 
Maybe another one just to be sure 
We’ll make ya look just like an amateur 
Until the final whistle it’s a war 
And then we’re gonna pick ya off the floor
We wanna hear the crowd really roar 
Yeah! - We’re comin’ in we’re gonna win”

11 All For One - NOXX feat. DinDin

“One for all, all for one, can you hear me?
(Turn your back to the world and go crazy)
All for dream, and one for all, open your eyes
(Open your eyes)

Bind in in the sky and bury it in the earth
The ties you’ve made with each other until your last breath
Behind me is another me
We get stained together like destiny (we are walking together)
In one hand is the same justice
In the other is our companionship, so let us hold hands
Let’s share the heavy footsteps as we walk
Let’s clash against the world and run together”

12 Look Where We Are - Hoobastank

“Just look back on
How far we’ve come
We’ve made it somehow
Look where we are now”

[This is not the end - We will never stop]

13 I wanna change - The Street Beats

“A word to my friends.
Living on the wild side.
What does it mean to live as yourself?
Breaking free from the shell that holds you.
With every season comes a new self-discovery.
I wanna change and keep changing. I wanna change, i wanna change, change.”

14 Advance - TOKIO

“In front of you, an expanding world
Don’t hesitate, just believe in it

Keep on running
My heart is growing, reaching out to my ideal self
Since then and always everything has stood still
If you keep chasing your dreams they will soon be in your grasp
Emitting the same radiance, today and even tommorow”

15 C.h.a.o.s.m.y.t.h. - One Ok Rock

“So everybody ever be buddies
Days we grew up are days we will treasure
Show everybody show is beginning curtain has risen
Make your own storyline
Dream as if you will live forever
And live as if you will die today”

16 Ai no Ballad – ROOKIES OST

*Instrumental and feels from the drama*

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