Maryland photos

Photo of the Day: Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge (The Last Hero Tour, Spring 2017) — The Hippodrome (Baltimore) — May 9th, 2017 [x]

Photo of the Day: Dallon Weekes of Panic! at the Disco (The Gospel Tour) — Pier Six Pavilion — August 10th, 2014 [x]

I attended a frat party with one of my sisters last Halloween when we saw a pledge laying on the couch entirely unresponsive. I asked 10 brothers to help him and none of them were interested. My friend and I found him some water, got him a trash can, and sat with him until we were certain he would be alright and wouldn’t need an ambulance. We even put him into the “4″ position with his hands under his chin and his leg supporting him so that he couldn’t choke on any throw-up. It was intimidating to be around so many big guys who were drunk and rowdy with festivities, but it was the right thing to do.

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