Love kids? Want volunteer experience or need service hours? Live in or near MD? Look no further!

Camp Opportunity is looking for Camp Counselors!

CAMP 2015 DATES: Sunday, July 26th - Saturday, August 1st

Camp Opportunity is a week-long overnight summer camp for abused and neglected children ages 8-11. The most important tenet of camp is that each camper is assigned one counselor for the duration of the week. This allows for a strong bond to develop between camper/ counselor pairs and the campers benefit greatly from having positive individual attention (which many do not get at home).

How to Volunteer:

Visit our website ( and complete a short application so we can get to know you better: Our volunteers have a fun and life-fulfilling experience. (I’ve personally volunteered there for the past 8 years.)


·      An overnight camping trip, swimming, arts & crafts, fishing, team building activities, capture the flag, campfire, canoeing, and more!

·      These activities are combined with a daily theme class that focuses on self-worth, self-awareness, and self-esteem.

Camp Opportunity has been in existence in Maryland since 1985 and has helped hundreds of at-risk children. 

PS. this year’s theme is How to Train Your Dragon :) !

PLEASE reblog and share especially if you have followers in the MD/DC/VA area. Feel free to message me with any questions!

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Comic Notes:
States involved: North Carolina, Maryland, South Carolina

 - Another current event comic rather than a historical one. I went through lots of sketches for how I wanted to cover the Supreme Court Decisions (and I may still post some of those as filler when I go on baby hiatus) . How I ende dup with this is that last month, as a joke, a gay friend of mine posted a rainbow battle flag on his facebook, claiming it was the most ironic/ridiculous/absurd southern symbol he could come up with. I found it so perfectly absurd that it stuck with me. Given it now combines the two biggest topics of conversation, I thought I’d work a joke around it. Hence “poor” South Carolina trying desperately to keep some semblance of his racist flag up. I guess you might call it a re-branding. 

-   I went through several choices for the other two characters before finally settling on more of North Carolina being embarrassed by his little brother, and Maryland, because it allowed me to introduce a non-homophobic Catholic. The other would have been New Mexico, but she wouldn’t talk much with the Carolinas, and Texas, the third Catholic State, is being pretty much the expected stereotype (*sigh* my state). 

- Maryland legalized marriage equality by popular vote in 2012, and it took effect in 2013.

- South Carolina legalized Marriage Equality in November 2014 because a federal court said so.

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