This is one of the first “real” photographs I ever purchased back in 1999 or 2000. I’ve looked at it everyday since then, and every time I’ve moved, this photograph has occupied prime real estate in whatever space I’ve called my office. The way you saw things helped form my point of view and showed me what was possible. Can’t thank you enough for your contribution to photography #maryellenmark

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Mary Ellen Mark: There is nothing more extraordinary than reality

View an interview with Mary Ellen Mark on The Leica Camera Blog:

May 26, 2015
Twins | Love +1

As a homage to Mary Ellen Mark, I stopped these two girls at the park where my boys play football to ask if I could take their picture. I told them that I was doing a homage to a great photographer who died yesterday. Both Brenda and Monserrat said yes to collaborating with me. Mary Ellen Mark was a big advocate for making sure her collaborators knew what the photographs were all about. I have loved her portraits from the day I discovered them and so I continue to shout and echo her name until she makes it to the other side. #oggl_ig #twins #maryellenmark #rip #streetportrait #streetphotography #brooklynportrait #brooklynphotography #Ruddylens (at Dekalb and Adelphi)

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RIP Mary Ellen Mark (1940 - 2015)
Mary Ellen Mark: There is nothing more extraordinary than reality


I wasn’t very familiar with her work up until a month ago when i first met her on the set of The Great Gatsby. I feel awkward admitting it, but so it goes, simply because Mary Ellen Mark has been one of the world’s most famous and successful films still photographers in the last 40 years and captured some truly wonderful images.

She took some stunning looking large format polaroids of the cast on set and was a joy to talk to. 

I’ve been looking up her work ever since and i was so amazed to find out how stunning and insightful her work as a photographer is. 

What an inspiration.


Photos courtesy of Mary Ellen Mark.

The humanist photographer passed away today. In tribute, we are looking back at the year 1983, when she traveled to Seattle to do a story about runaway children and to photograph the life of a young prostitute named Tiny. 

“By choosing America’s ideal city we were making the point: ‘If street kids exist in a city like Seattle then they can be found everywhere in America, and we are therefore facing a major social problem of runaways in this country,” she wrote.

Streetwise emerged from the assignment and also became a documentary film, directed by the photographer’s husband Martin Bell. -alc

May 26, 2015
The Brit | Love +1

In light of the dimming of one of Photography’s greatest image makers, I want to put up an image in remembrance of this remarkable and gifted wielder of shadow and light .
Here is the thing, Garth was the third image in this #BAM series that I was putting up today. But as I was editing his image, my feed became inundated with news that Mary Ellen Mark had moved on to another plain yesterday at the vintage age of 75.
What’s weird and Cosmically blowing my mind is that I was photographing Garth in this pose yesterday maybe around the same time that Mary Ellen Mark was traveling. She photographed an images called “Tiny, Halloween” with the same pose in 1983.
I was not thinking about her when I photographed Garth, in fact he was the one holding this pose when I turned around and saw how beautifully the Sun was setting on his face. I remember meeting her in Union Square some years ago with Eugene Richards and she was very encouraging and supportive of my images. Travel with light as the shadow comes – RIP Mary Ellen Mark. #oggl_ig #maryellenmark #rip #brooklynportrait #brooklynphotography #streetportrait #streetphotography #makeportrait #makeportraits #Ruddylens #Love81 (at BAM)

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