Feist: I rented The Wind That Shakes the Barley and Breakfast on Pluto the day before you arrived on set. It wasn’t until a month ago that I watched Dark Knight. I was on a flight and I screamed so loud!
Cillian: Really?
Feist: (laughs) Yeah! You were so scary!

    Feist & Cillian on making Kevin Drew’s The Water (Dazed & Confused 2009)


“If one day I’m all black I’m still a model. If one day I’m all white I’m still a model. I am not my skin. I am a model with a skin condition.

“I get comments saying that I’m a leper, I control how my skin changes, I bleach my skin, my skin’s burned. None of those are true. The world is looking at me now. I either let the haters affect me or I step my money up. When I stand back from all the hate and I check my bank account… Hahahahaha.”

Chantelle Winnie is a model in demand: her army of fans includes artists, designers and photographers. She told Eve Barlow about her journey from a schoolgirl bullied about her vitiligo to runway queen and took some exclusive pictures for the Observer.

Photos: Mary Rozzi for the Observer