The second day of the trip we had a workshop on stage movement and presence led by Doreen Bechtol, a previous actress of the company and a professor at the Mary Baldwin College. In the workshop she told us about some of the history of the American Shakespeare Centre, the only recreation of the Folger’s Shakespeare Theatre.

Mary Baldwin College offers Bachelor’s and Master’s Programs of Letters in Shakespeare and Performance. Students of this program work dynamically with the ASC and through a five year program master Shakespeare

today after our final curtain call, I started crying. it hit me really suddenly that I had just wrapped up my final full length play as an MBC student. then I realized just how much I owe to this theater. my college experience has been phenomenal specifically because I joined the theater department. if I had never joined, I don’t think I would ever be finishing college. I found something that I truly love to do. I’m going to miss being part of this department so much.