Sweet Briar College

I know I don’t normally post like ANYTHING but this news kinds of hits close to home.

This is Sweet Briar College, a women’s college located neat Lynchburg, VA which has been open for a century. And just today, they announced that they will be closing following graduation this spring.

Did you get that?

One of the few remaining single-sex education facilities is closing it’s doors.

I am in shock. I do not attend Sweet Briar, but I do attend Mary Baldwin College, a women’s college also in VA. We were rivals with Sweet Briar.

People may be asking what’s the big deal about single-sex education, but let me tell you from personal experience; I have grown and learned so much more thanks to my environment. The benefits of a small school education are numerous and it begins with the family that we are. Seeing those women who now have to find ways to complete their education breaks my heart.

This is terrible and disheartening news. My heart and thoughts go out to those young women who must forge new paths.

We have a saying at MBC, its that we are, all of us, sisters across the ages. And now, I know that we will do our best to help those displaced women, and help them as we would help our own “sister squirrels.”

We cannot allow things like this happen.

You can read about it HERE. There are also pictures of the students reacting that will break your heart.


You guys! They’re here~~~

Mary Baldwin College’s Math Club is now selling their T-shirts again! This is for the next 10 days only, but it’s one of their biggest fundraisers. This year, there’s not only T-shirts, but tank tops and hoodies as well! T-shirts are $14.99, Tank Tops are $19.99, and Hoodies are $24.99.

Please, even if you’re not buying any, spread this around like it’s the stomach flu. You guys, math is cool and this is not a club that just sits around doing math all day. Math is super important and math puns are fun :P

So spread this around. Buy a funny gift for a friend. Who doesn’t need a black shirt? Or a black tank top? Or a black hoodie~?! Or all three!!!

You know, you could wear all three of them at the same time. Same day. Undershirt, shirt, and hoodie. Then, as the day heats up, just strip off one layer at a time and you can still be hella supportive!

Please. This is their biggest fundraiser and they don’t even make more than a buck per shirt, so just spread the math puns around! Sales end on Sunday, April 11th, so order before then! :)

Alright,  Mary Balwin College , it’s your turn for a shout out!  Here’s the John James Audobon take on a  Fighting Squirrel , in the VMFA collection.

MBC students, welcome back to school!  Have you made a trip to VMFA yet? Come see us on  College Night, Oct 4!

Cat Squirrel from  The Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America, hand watercolored lithograph on rag paper, 1843

Received a snack in the mail today–Mom sent me a book that first belonged to her mother’s mother, my great-grandmama Grace Lee. Poets of the South was published in 1903, and Grace read it in college, as evinced by her signature on the second page:

Grace Lee
#12 Memorial Hall
M.B.S. [Mary Baldwin School]
Staunton, Va.

I said, “Mommy, this book looks brand new! It doesn’t look like it’s ever been opened.”
She said, “Well, it probably wasn’t!”
I’ll open it this weekend and read it all the way through.