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Is Louis Tomlinson The Victim Of An Orchestrated Smear Campaign?
Louis Tomlinson has been subjected to a seemingly never ending stream of negative stories in recent months. One Direction star Louis has been accused of being a

Louis Tomlinson has been subjected to a seemingly never ending stream of negative stories in recent months. One Direction star Louis has been accused of being a deadbeat dad, a serial womanizer, a drunk and a love rat who dumped his pregnant girlfriend to jet off with an actress. Now to be fair some sections of the U.K. media are famous for how they build stars up only to attempt to tear them down again at a later date. It certainly seems that 24-year-old Louis is being subjected to well trodden path of negativity at present.

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The Signs as Famous Queens pt. 1

This is my first astrology post and it started off as an idea. For the last week me and my friends put a lot of effort in this and I’m really glad that the result is that beautiful. The post is based on the signs as I know them but also on a more traditional view. I really hope you like it and I can’t wait to hear all your opinions on this. 
The dates in the brackets are the queens periods of reign.

Aries-Zenobia, Queen of the Palmyrene Empire (267/68 - 272)
This Queen is widely known and admired for her brave and rebellious nature. But people also remember her for her exotic beauty and intelligence. She had a dark skin tone as well as a strong and harmonious voice and black eyes sparkling with fire. Zenobia is the sharp-witted strategist among the queens.

Taurus-Isabella I, Queen of Castile (1474-1504)
Isabella is famous for her self-confidence and strong will. She enjoyed an excellent education and was queen of her own right which is why she chose the man she would marry herself. Her looks are characterized by her red hair and green eyes. She made it her life-long mission to support scholarship and art as well as collecting paintings and building schools.

Gemini-Anne Boleyn, Queen of England (1533-1536)
Anne Boleyn was known as an unconventional beauty. She was too thin and her coloring was too dark for her time but people were stunned by her dark brown eyes and long dark hair. At court she was known as vivacious, graceful and quick-witted and it is said that she enjoyed gambling, drinking wine, dancing and gossiping. On the other hand she was incredibly intelligent as well as intellectual driven and gave generously to charity or sewed shirts for the poor.

Cancer-Mary, Queen of Scots (1548-1587)
This Queen is described as ravishingly beautiful and a true follower of her heart. In her early years she led a life full of luxury and discovered a talent for making music and writing poetry. But the dearest place in her heart was held captive by her nation which she was invariably loyal to. With a deep attachment to her homeland she earned the love of her people and loved them back equally. To protect them she needed a strong will which is why she is also remembered as prideful or stubborn.

Leo-Marie Antoinette, Queen of France (1774-1792)
Marie Antoinette is especially known for her beauty and flamboyance. She possessed the attitude of a real queen and was determined to get whatever she wanted. This is the reason why she lived regardless of appearances, reckless and hedonistic. On the other hand she had strong political beliefs which she was unable to express due to the social role of women in that time. Marie Antoinette had gray-blue eyes and ash-blonde hair.

Virgo-Eleanor of Aquitaine, Queen of France (1137-1152) + Queen of England (1154-1189)
This Queen is known as a headstrong and domineering woman with a strong ego. She was educated above average and had a creative energy about her which made it difficult for her to find court life anything but stultifying. In times of chaos she was equipped with civility and possessed power over the most important men. Eleanor was exceptionally beautiful and therefore admired by many.