Julie Andrews - GIF Hunt

Under the cut there are #277 mostly HQ Gifs of Julie Andrews requested by @bnw-hprp, she is best known for her work in Mary Poppins and Sound of Music. None of the following gifs are mine (unless stated differently), full credit goes to their makers. I just hoard them. Please reblog and/or like this post if you use any, they take a looong time to put together! Sorry for any repeats!

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Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins is blown up to the counter. She orders an Earl Grey tea with two lumps, levitates a few giggling customers, and promptly leaves. Starbucks is never the same.

cathostage says, “I read six of the books, two of them which I got from my grandmother who read them to my father when he was a kid. They’re funny and entertaining (and just a wee bit dark at times) but mostly I love them because I loved reading books that both my grandmother and dad had read when they were small.”