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CSers: Ugh I’m so mad I can’t believe Killian didn’t get to tell her, why’d the writers have to do it?

Also CSers: THEY’RE ENGAGEDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to stop shipping SwanQueen so badly...but then I remember that the Mayor and the Sheriff always ends up together.

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Mary Margaret and David

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Cruella and James

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Regina and Emma


This is my favourite thing ever.

Look at Josh, Ginnifer and Jen…
They’re all sitting somewhat reserved, as if they don’t want to get in each others personal space, posing for the picture with cute little smiles and everything.

Then there’s Lana…

Captain Swan & Captain Charming
  • Emma: Mom! Killian just proposed!
  • David [bursting into the room]: Did you say yes?! Emma please tell me you said yes. Don't tell me you broke his heart and turned him down. Emma I swear if you said no, I'm going to find him and accept his proposal myself. I am not letting a man like that walk out of my life. Wait how big was the diamond? Wait never mind it doesn't matter. I wonder if it'll fit me? Who am I kidding. Of course it will. Killian knows my ring size. Summer wedding or winter? The venue, invites, the guest list, tuxes, the cake, There's so much I have to get started on?!
  • Snow:
  • Emma:
  • David: ...so did you say yes?