Mary Akers

She thinks about the woman who drove her kids into the lake and cried about it on national TV. What a terrible person, a horrible mother. But the snakes hiss, “Yessss.”
She’s barely gotten the toast buttered once John Junior starts up again…she carries him out to the pickup and puts him squish onto the seat and she leaves supper unfinished and she’s really going to do it this time because she just can’t take it anymore.
—  Medusa Song, Women Up On Blocks, by Mary Akers
Chicago Pup Wins New Wheels on 'Price Is Right'

When Skip took a five-day weekend in L.A., he had one singular goal.

“To get on ‘The Price Is Right’ and win the Showcase Showdown,” says Murray Finkelstein, a longtime friend of the Chicago golden retriever pup. “Well, he did one of those things.”

After waiting in line at the Culver City studio, Skip joined the audience of Monday’s taping and was called to the stage by the announcer during the second round.

“He was surprised to be called, but you could also tell he knew this was his destiny,” says Mary Aker, Skip’s grade school classmate, who watched her old friend on the broadcast from her home in Evanston, IL.

Skip then bid $1 on a dinette set, and sure enough, each of his competitors went over. He subsequently won a game of 'Cliff Hangers,’ earning him a sweet Radio Flyer wagon (pictured), but when he returned to the stage to spin the big wheel, fate wasn’t on his side.

“His first spin landed him $.65, but another contestant was already at $.75,” says Aker. “So he had to spin again if he had any shot. That one put him over.”

via @goldens_of_chicago