When, in the course of development, class distinctions have disappeared, and all production has been concentrated in the hands of a vast association of the whole nation, the public power will lose its political character. Political power, properly so called, is merely the organised power of one class for oppressing another.
—  Marx and Engels - Communist Manifesto 1848

Also don’t forget the $30,000 degree your parents paid for with the naive belief it would be a way to teach you how to make money instead of a way for creepy 50 year old cat ladies to rant at you about how much they hate capitalism and America while taking your parents’ money in exchange for no tangible benefit.

tfw you follow a bunch of leftists and there’s all this talk of leninists vs marxists or what the fuck ever and you’re over here like look i just think capitalism is bad i don’t know the specifics of these branches i’m an idiot my dudes

One day in late January, the novelist, n 1 editor, and now self-taught Marxist political economist Benjamin Kunkel left Buenos Aires and flew to Rio.

He’d been living in Argentina more on than off since the recession hit, an enviably high-minded take-the-money-and-run expat in the frothy wake of his novel Indecision, and his travel schedule was like a con man’s, always shifting.

In Rio, he met the leftist playwright Wallace Shawn and his girlfriend of 40 years, the short-story goddess Deborah Eisenberg, who were staging a one-night-only performance of Shawn’s The Designated Mourner for the benefit of Glenn Greenwald, the national-security-state crusader and Edward Snowden accomplice, who lives there.

Not to benefit; for the benefit of. Greenwald couldn’t feel comfortable coming to New York to see the play, which describes the death of liberal culture at the hands of reactionary forces, so they took the entire Public Theater production to him—“A show of solidarity,” Shawn says. Kunkel calls it “a stunt.” But he says it lovingly, admiringly. “Maybe everything the left does is.”

Benjamin Kunkel, Novelist Turned Intellectual – Vulture

Eye On Style For: Marxists

Want to get ahead of the latest styles sweeping through Hollywood? We’re keeping tabs on all the latest fashion from your favorite stars!

Always sporting the hottest looks and reaping the benefits of an ingrained, antagonistic class structure,Taylor Swift is radiant in this floral blue sundress, which, at a retail price of $795 is far beyond the means of the laborers who actually made it.

Demi Lovato was seen strutting her stuff in these $945 Saint Laurent “Bianca” sandals, completely oblivious to that fact that this flirty summer look is indicative of a looming struggle between the two great, hostile camps of this world: the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. Stay fierce, Demi!

Clinging to the delusion that anyone can justly own this $7,500, impeccably tailored Brioni wool suit,Eddie Redmayne—like so many of his ilk—has yet to realize that private property is already done away with for nine-tenths of the population, and that its existence for the few is due solely to its nonexistence for the many.