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Super League: Palestinian rugby league player Khaled Issa to train with Salford Red Devils

Salford Red Devils owner Marwan Koukash and actor David Morrissey have teamed up to bring promising young Palestinian rugby league player Khaled Issa to the UK.

The 20-year-old will stay with the Red Devils for 10 days and will take part in training and testing with both the first and academy teams, help out with the Salford Red Devils Foundation and experience everything a professional rugby league club has to offer.

The club are working in partnership with local amateur clubs to ensure Khaled gets the chance to play a rugby league game whilst visiting the United Kingdom.

Khaled’s family fled to Beirut in Lebanon as refugees and he was discovered by director and founder of Palestinian Rugby League, Rabie Al Masri, who has been training Palestinian refugees with his two brothers since 2008 and so far, has gathered 80 players to form three professional teams.

Rabie is full of praise for Issa, who captained the Palestinian Under-16 team in the MENA Championship, commenting: “From the first training session I did on the municipality fields in Beirut till today, Khaled has been serious and responsible player.


“He is a smart, courageous and strong guy and has shown his ability as captain of the Under-16 team and he is always here for the team.

“We wanted Khaled to go to Salford Red Devils to have a great experience with a big professional team and I hope he will learn a lot to bring back and pass on to the Palestinian players.

“It is a dream for him to be visiting England and to be part of Salford Red Devils and we hope Khaled will have a great time.”

Koukash added: “I am a very proud that we have been able to set up these links with the Palestinian RL, and I really do hope that projects like this will not only encourage the development of the more game internationally but also more importantly give young kids such as Khaled a real life-changing opportunity.”

Red Riding and Walking Dead actor Morrissey, who is a friend of the Salford owner and met Issa during one of his regular trips to Beirut, has also helped to finance the trip.


The Newcastle Knights Are Not The NRL Team Marwan Koukash Should Buy

The Newcastle Knights Are Not The NRL Team Marwan Koukash Should Buy

News that Salford Red Devils owner Marwan Koukash is considering buying the Newcastle Knights doesn’t surprise me at all. I’ve said for quite some time that Koukash would eventually buy into the NRL in some capacity. I don’t think the Newcastle Knights are the right team for him to buy though. Let me tell you why…

The Newcastle Knights are a bit of a strange club. While they had some success in…

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Mrs Koukash Eyes Bradford Bid

Dr Marwan Koukash has been in the limelight ever since he took over at the Salford Red Devils however he is being over shadowed by his wife as she attempts to buy rival Super League side Bradford Bulls.

This is a somewhat controversial move as we do need more money in the game and more owners like Koukash in the game however that does not mean that the Doctor and his family should own all fourteen clubs in the competition.

Bradford are in financial turmoil after being deducted six points for going into administration and have lost key players such as Nick Scruton and Jarrod Sammut who both left the club due to the uncertainty of the clubs future.

Koukash insisted that their will be no conflict of interest between the two clubs if his wife, Mandy, is successful by comparing it to him having two horses from different yards in the same race. With all due respect to the doctor that is a poor comparison and I’m sure that if Bradford and Salford come up against each other in a game that could seal the Red Devils play off fate that he may have a word with his wife to help him out. He has piled millions into the Salford ‘Red Devilution’ and I’m sure will do anything to make his side a success.

Marwan will also have to keep an eye on his twitter feed as he has been fined by the RFL for comments made on twitter and if the club want to avoid being punished time after time they will have to put a lid on the bosses social media rants.

Yes he is a breath of fresh air in the sport and he does have some good ideas although that does not give him the right to get away with any indiscipline.

Mrs Koukash Eyes Bradford Bid was originally published on We Love League

Kevin Locke, Ben Jones-Bishop Signal Change Of Direction At Salford Red Devils

Kevin Locke, Ben Jones-Bishop Signal Change Of Direction At Salford Red Devils

You’ve got to hand it to Marwan Koukash, he is a very fast learner!

Having bought pretty much a logo and team colours when he purchased the Salford Reds Marwan Koukash took a few weeks to look over the clubs before he made some major changes.

He go rid of the coach and brought in the man who, on paper, was the most successful British coach available in Brian Noble. He changed the clubs name and…

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Louis Hawke - Will The Controversy At Salford Ever End?

Louis Hawke – Will The Controversy At Salford Ever End?

Is there ever going to be a full week where Salford owner Dr Marwan Koukash isn’t in the news with new bright ideas and changes to the club?

This week Marwan Koukash announced that he had offered Brian Noble the Board of Directors job after his contract had run out as Salford head coach. Meanwhile Koukash has announced that Ieystn Harris would take over in charge of the Salford Red Devils.


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Adam Everitt - Spotlight on Super League: Week One

Adam Everitt – Spotlight on Super League: Week One

The Spotlight is on… progress and improvements: Rugby League is to undergo some fundamental changes in 2015 after the RFL announced that Super League members were ‘virtually unanimous’ in voting for a 12-team competition with meaningful movement between Super League and the Championship.

The Championship will also revert to 12 teams and in the latter stages of the season, the two leagues will…

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