i’ve had real artist’s block the last couple days – not the kind where i just don’t feel like doing it and i watch crappy movies on netflix and eat one hundred almonds, but the kind where i keep trying to draw things (specifically, roy campanella, since he’s due on every hall of famer) and failing. this sketch of marvin zindler is the only thing i have drawn in three days that i can stand to look at. :(

Item 278 - The Marvin Zindler U of C Rat and Roach Report

Hi guys - I don’t think I will write a full page write-up this year but I did want to write about some of my favorite items on page 16. First up: The Marvin ZIndler report. Mr. Zindler, who died a few years ago, was a local news reporter from Houston (a city I have never been to in a state I have never been to) who was known for his very, uh, distinct way of presenting information about which local eateries had had health code violations. Here’s an example of one of his Rat and Roach reports:

I love these reports, so I thought it would fun to ask people to make their own. I know how gross some of the campus cafeterias can be, though I had no idea that there would be specific problems with bugs and stuff just before scav. Good timing!

Here’s Snitchcock’s take on The Zin:

Max P, with a nice touch in refering to the channel as 6+7, rather than any specific unlucky numbers:


Lastly, while these were all a lot of fun to watch, I think the best was probably BroStomp, who put a lot of work into the video editing and it paid off - note how they were able to get the same animated bug background without having the names of Houston area restaurants superimposed:

It was a lot of fun to watch these. If there are any others on youtube that I didn’t include, let me know and I will add them!