Imagine your father, Tony, relentlessly teasing your boyfriend, Bucky

“Oh Barnes, you really do love my daughter don’t you?” your dad chimed for the thousandth time this hour. Bucky shifted uncomfortably in his seat as he moved his hands to grip the armrest so he could quickly stand.

“I’m gonna head out, I think. I’ll see you later. I love you…” Bucky started as he smiled at you, but what cut off as Tony kissed Bucky on the cheek.

“I love you, too, Buckaroo,” Tony chimed, making you roll your eyes but your boyfriends cheek flame a fiery red.

Marvel Studios Unveils First Black Panther Footage

On Monday, Marvel Studios opened its doors to select members of the press for the first time.

Jungle Fight

One of the first clips shown followed Lupita Nyong'o’s Nakia character as she approached soldiers in a jungle. As the soldiers opened fire, presumably aiming for the Dora Milaje, Nakia snuck up on several of them and beat them until they were not only disarmed but unable to fight back.

She did this with several kicks, punches, and hip tosses, all in one smooth, well-choreographed effort.


A later clip saw Ulysses Klaw, as portrayed by Andy Serkis, entering a casino. Being narrated by Danai Gurira’s Okoye, the audience hears that he has eight men with him.

After marching down the stairs, Klaw later comes to a meeting with Martin Freeman’s Everett Ross. Ross jokes that Klaw brought so many people they might as well be dropping a new mixtape. Klaw jokes back, clearly not taking the insult seriously. He wants a brieface.

After a cut, an action sequence ensues. T'Challa is protecting Freeman as they hide behind a table. He uses guns to take out several enemies, providing Ross with enough cover to take his briefcase and escape the casino.

En Route

A pair of clips showed two boats approaching Warrior Falls for T'Challa’s crowning as King of Wakanda.

The first clip had Gurira’s Okoye at the lead of a ship. She was wearing gold while the rest of the Dora Milaje was wearing a light red color. As they camera crept towards the group, they chanted and stepped together, lead by Okoye.

In the following clip, a similar angle sees a group of Wakandan citizens, many dressed in extravagant colors, celebrating and dancing together as they approach Warrior Falls to see T'Challa become King.

Both shots were surrounded by huge walls of blue screen which might be replaced with additional boats, endless ocean, or land.

Warrior Falls

Upon arrival at Warrior Falls, it is time for T'Challa to take on the mantle of King.

The first shot follows Chadwick Boseman’s character down a set of steps and into water at the bottom of Warrior Falls. As the camera follows T'Challa’s sight line, it pans up to reveal the people of Wakanda dancing in celebration of his arrival. He joins in and steps to a beat with a spear and shield in his hand.

The second shot was a reverse, medium close up, focused on T'Challa as he approaches the crowd.



Your boyfriend Steve is away on a mission. You’re feeling lonely one night and find yourself having sex with Tony. Steve comes home, and you have to tell him. But it turns out, it was all arranged by Steve, because he knows you’ve been crushing on Tony.

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Happy #marvelmonday!

So I’ve said it before, but Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman is one of my all time favorite comic characters, so I whipped up some more fanart, but this time featuring her amazing new costume designed by kristaferanka

I’m a huge fan of the old costume, but more excited to see where her new adventures will take her. commanderriffraff and Dennis Hopeless are killing on the new series, so it’s a great time to be a Spider-Woman fan! 

i keep on being reminded that wanda is the oldest sibling out of the maximoff-dane family and she’s so supportive and protective yet continuously headstrong and forgiving and driven to right her mistakes like 

wanda’s the older sister who called pietro a stiffed neck turkey but who isn’t afraid to call him out on his bullshit either but she’s also supportive of him

wanda’s the older sister who tries to get close with lorna because they’ve never really had a chance to grow up together as sisters so she makes a conscious effort to get to know her sister even if it’s troubled and not perfect it’s a start

wanda’s the eldest daughter – and anya would have filled this role if she hadn’t died – and she’s fiercely protective of her family , continuously caring for their well-being and safety ok 

she looked out for billy and was a source of inspiration for him even before she knew he was her son and he knew that his favorite hero was actually his mom – and with tommy she pulls him in close because she can read him, even if he tries to play it off that things don’t get to him or that he’s always the one with the snippy sarcastic come back

with erik she’s a amalgamation of things yet she continues onwards, and it shows just how loving and caring she is even when the entire world villanizes her and blames her for actions that weren’t her fault —

she continues to love and support and be protective of those who need protecting and don’t midn me i’m just crying over wanda maximoff ok she deserves the world and more 


#MCM goes to Tom Holland, the one and only guy who’s able to pull off hello kitty pants and still look hot, stuff like this should be forbidden. I mean usually I’m not the type of girl who looks at the physical appearance of a guy, but DAMNNNNN. Tom got me like Where can I sign up to play mary jane!? ❤️😍🔥Tom, you are the definition of BAE!!😍

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