Marvel's The Avengers

Captain America: The Winter Soldier *SPOILERS*

Ever since seeing this movie I’ve had one question that has just been driving me crazy!  So, if HYDRA had been running S.H.I.E.L.D. for all those years they had countless sleeper agents in their ranks.  My question….

Is Galaga guy from Avengers HYDRA or S.H.I.E.L.D.?  I HAVE TO KNOW!

On the set of Marvel’s The Avengers (2012)Robert Downey Jr. kept food hidden all over the lab set and apparently nobody could find where it was, so they just let him continue doing it. In the movie, that’s his actual food he’s offering and when he was eating, wasn’t scripted. He was just hungry. [x]


This September, get a heaping helping of Thanos on the Marvel Comics app and at your local comic shop with Thanos Quest #1, Thanos: The Final Threat #1 and Avengers Assemble #7!

The cover to Thanos Quest #1 (topmost image) is actually concept art by Andy Park for Marvel’s The Avengers film!

We know you’re curious about Thanos after seeing him in Marvel’s The Avengers or in Avengers Assemble. So if you’re going to pick up these books, as well as the classic Infinity Gauntlet and Silver Surfer: Rebirth of Thanos collections, here’s a handy reading order:

Thanos: The Final Threat —> Silver Surfer: Rebirth of Thanos —> Thanos Quest —> Infinity Gauntlet

There’s plenty more, but those are great starting points!

The Avengers Preference #1: Who You (YN) Are
  • Steve:You were always the girl next door, the happy, bubbly artist that Steve loved to talk with after stressful missions. Your friendship turned into a relationship after months of him hesitating about confessing his feeling to you. Unfortunately, he almost had a cardiac arrest when he found out that you were an undercover SHIELD agent assigned to watch over him. He was upset that you hid that from him, and he was even more worried about your safety now, but it was worth it because he had a lot more respect for you as you served your nation too.
  • Tony:You were a good ol' employee at Stark Industries, but pretty high up in the chain. Being the worldwide marketing director, you earned in million. When Tony saw you doing such a great job, he promoted you to CEO out of the blue. It was unexpected, but it led to you two getting closer, and eventually dating in spite of people thinking it was unethical.
  • Thor:you were a writer. The night the mighty Thor fell into Midgard, you were there to sort him out. You offered to let him live at your house, even though at that point you were certain that he was bat crap crazy. Turns out you two got friendly, and Thor was just the inspiration you needed for your new pieces. Having a god for a boyfriend is amazing.
  • Clint:you were an agent, just like him. During your first few years at SHIELD, Clint was like your mentor. He trained you so well that Fury promoted you and let you skip a level, so you and Clint were tied. You made great sparring buddies, and Clint never went easy on you because he knew you were strong.
  • Bruce:You were a famous fashion designer, AND you were a good ten years younger than Bruce. You met the scientist through one of your many famous friends, Tony Stark. You immediately felt an attraction. At first, Bruce didn't want to acknowledge his feelings because he was dangerous, and because of the age difference. But you were too much of a knock out and soon he crumbled.
  • Bucky:Again, you were an agent of SHIELD, officially assigned to his rehabilitation. Initially, the Winter Soldier was hostile, but you helped him see that he was so much more and that he was worth the love. One messy night with alcohol and swearing, you confessed his feelings to him mindlessly and that led to... well, that led to a long night. Bucky was happy to have found love right when he needed it.
  • Pietro:you were also one of HYDRA's experiments, and the only one besides the twins that had survived. You had the power to control the elements. Pietro fell in love with the way you exercised your power over them, fire especially. Soon a flirtationship ensued. When he was tired of the playfulness, the relationship because serious and official, with a little push from Wanda.
  • Natasha:you were a SHIELD agent, and strong competition for the Black Widow. She disliked you at first, because you posed a threat to her position and her spot as Fury's favourite. Somehow your anger towards each other blossomed into a beautiful romance.
  • Wanda:you worked at a local bookstore, a quiet, indie, hole in the wall place. When Wanda met you, she was intrigued. You two shared your love for literature and bonded immensely.