Marvel's The Avengers

Steve: Look, did you know about this? Mortals being dropped from twenty feet. It’s unbelievable. 

Bucky: I know, right? Twenty feet? Walk it off. 

Steve: Buck, you do know that normal people don’t just “walk off” a twenty-foot fall, right? 

Bucky: So… all those times I pushed Barton off a building and he was all “Ahhh!”, he wasn’t just being funny? 

Clint: No. 

Tony: I thought it was funny, Bucky.


natasha romanoff - black widow throughout the movies

[Steve watches Bucky watch Tony with Pepper]

Steve: [about Pepper] I’m glad she finally got closure. 

Bucky: [holding a beer bottle] Who? 

Steve: Pepper. 

[Bucky crushes his beer bottle]

Steve: You need to talk to him. 

Bucky: Who? 

Steve: Tony.

[Bucky crushes Steve’s beer bottle]

No, but this could totally be put to good use.

What if we had all of these guys collaborate and sing those 60s themes of the respective heroes they’re associated with? I want to hear Chris Evans sing “When Captain America throws his mighty shield” at some point in my life.