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You know that bit at the beginning of Marvel productions when the pflt-pflt-pflt noise starts and you’re going through the pages of a comic book and it turns into the logo. Yeah, I love that bit. I love it so much I knitted a very self indulgent scarf to remind me of it. Specifically an Avengers scarf because there are too many Marvel heroes to fit onto a single piece of knitwear. Designs are mostly taken from the cinematic version of the characters, but I’ve thrown in a couple of comic book references too.

The technique I used was double knitting which means the image on the front of the scarf is mirrored in reverse colours on the back. If I was a professional art person I would probably write something about the negative image representing the transition of comic book panels to film. Luckily I’m only a humble crafts person and don’t have to do that.

I used a little bit of lots of colours – thirteen in total – but that could definitely be reduced. And because someone always asks the needles I used were UK size 9 (3.75mm) and the yarns were all dk weight. The scarf measures 22cm by 200cm and weighs a little over 300g.


So Ravelry changed their copyright polciies so you can distribute copyrighted images from their website. (tumblr however has no such thing :D)

See the ravelry page here so you guys can add it to your projects



Woo Hoo! First Ravelry pattern ever!!
Keep an eye out for more hexi chart patterns from me! I have portal charts and my little pony charts finished that I’ll be posting soon.

Hexi Charts - Marvel Characters

I say Hexi because I don’t stuff the puffs and I call them Hexiflats
These are my first patterns that I have ever posted on ravelry, and I don’t currently have the sock yarn in the right colors to test these myself, So if someone finds an error or has suggestions on how to improve the pattern let me know.

I will probably add more characters as I figure out the symbols (some just don’t translate well).

Basically you can use any type of sock yarn (as I use all different types for my own hexiflat blanket) and this should work. I haven’t tried any colorwork hexiflats on my own yet, but these should turn out decently I’m hoping. I’ll update this once I get around to test knitting these myself!!

In order to use these charts you will obviously need to know color work, and already have the Beekeepers quilt pattern found on ravelry.
Found here:

Message me on Ravelry if you have questions, or advice about the charts!

I do not claim ownership of the Marvel characters. Marvel hero symbols © Marvel, Disney