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Guys America Chavez

She is a lesbian latinx hero from a Utopian universe who came to our world just because she wanted to be a hero. 

Her moms died saving the multiverse so as a kid she runs away because she wants to be just like them.

She has superstrength, speed, flight, and she’s bulletproof

But by far one of her coolest powers is she can create portals between alternate universes. 

America started off as a stereotypical latinx character, but under Kieron Gillen, she was written as a calm person who thought through her next move. She is quick to fight, but  when it’s necessary because she knows she’ll win.
She’s also an uber dork who believes in love and hope. Not something you see from the quiet characters.  

She has appeared in Young Avengers, A-Force, Siege Secret Wars, and The Ultimates
She’s a powerhouse character who impresses heroes in the A league like Monica Rambeau 

Now after years of people asking for her own book and her increasing popularity she’s finally getting her own solo book!
It was announced at NYCC and will be called America with the first preview done by @mckelvie and Matt Wilson

We need to support this book! Show Marvel that this is our hero. 


Marvel lockscreens
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I’ve come to appreciate how much of Marvel’s hero roster is made of characters with chronic illnesses or disabilities.

Hawkeye is partially deaf
Silhouette is paraplegic
Daredevil is visually impaired
The Winter Soldier is an amputee
Doctor Strange has limited mobility in his hands
Iron Man has heart problems
Captain America has asthma
Charles Xavier is paraplegic
Thor was originally written as needing a mobility aid
Echo (from Daredevil comics) is deaf
Deadpool has cancer
Cyclops is visually impaired
Jubilee has discalculia
Misty Knight is an amputee
Nick Fury is visually impaired
Stick (who I’m not sure counts as a hero) is visually impaired

That’s not even a full list. I’ve always been invested in seeing comics and books that represent everyone, and seeing how many popular heroes represent the disabled community makes me happy.


My favorit Charakters from Marvel and DC
Iron Man|Deadpool|Winter Solider|Batman & Joker| Groot| Wonder Woman|Spiderman|Flash|Loki
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Luke & Danny in different media

Earth-199999 (MCU)

Earth-91119 (Super Hero Squad Show)

 Earth-8096 (Avengers: EMH)

Earth-12041 (USM)

Earth-TRN517 (CoC)

Earth-TRN012 (FF)

Earth-TRN258 (Marvel Heroes)

Earth-13122 (Lego Marvel’s Avengers)

Earth-12131 (Marvel:Avengers Alliance)

Earth-TRN562 (Avengers Academy)

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