Ever so Charming

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Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Prompt: This is another one that I don’t really have a proper prompt for. I just sort of started writing and this is what happened. It’s a random Saturday night and Peter decided to swing by to the reader’s apartment. Some silly stuff ensues.

Warnings: None

Word Count: 2,618

Notes: I’m sorry that this is so long! I didn’t intend to make this story over two thousand words, but I just started writing and couldn’t stop. I hope you can manage to make it through all my terrible writing. Enjoy!
P.S. I’m also sorry for all the Star Wars references. I can’t help it. I’m a huge Star Wars fan too.

It was a summer Saturday night in Queens. The mid-July air was warm and humid. Large skyscrapers and constant traffic only helped to increase the stickiness in the air. There was a minor heatwave going through the area. During the night however, without the sun’s relentless beams of light shining down on the asphalt roads, the temperature dropped just enough to make the weather bearable. Just barely though.

This particular night, you were mindlessly spinning around in your desk chair. Scattered all along the surface of your desk were some random notes for an essay that was due by the upcoming Friday. There wasn’t much of a rush to get the thing finished, but you liked to get things done in advanced anyway. Nonetheless, you still found yourself avoiding the essay like it was the plague. You weren’t normally like this. You normally could pump out at least a mediocre paper in maybe a day, but tonight your mind was not having it.

Something was keeping you restless and alert. You weren’t entirely positive what though. Nothing out of the ordinary happened today. You woke up, you ate some food, and you watched some Netflix; everything seemed normal. You racked your brain to try and think of anything that could have possibly caused this random tension, but nothing came up. Sighing, you stopped spinning around in your chair (you were starting to get dizzy) and just stared at your bedroom ceiling. Eventually, you started to calm down.

It was dark in your room. The only light source was your tiny desk lamp that didn’t really illuminate much. You had your window open to try and feign the heat that was stuck in your apartment. Or rather your parent’s apartment, but they were away on some long business trip and left you to your own devices for the week. Stupid mistake, really. The open window didn’t help at all though. All it did was allow the humid outside air to mix with the stiff apartment air. The result was a mixture of stale and oppressive. The only reason you didn’t close the window was because of how purely lazy you were. You were here and the window as there. No matter the distance, it was always too far. So, needless to say, you were not very comfortable.

You glanced back at your notes and made a sour face. At this rate, you were more likely to close the damn window than finish the essay. You finally conceded and sat up a bit to switch off the light. Your room went from dimly lit to almost completely dark. The only source of light now was the faint glow of the city’s shops, cars and street vendors. You closed your eyes and sat in the dark for a while. There was something peaceful about just sitting there and listening to the sounds of the car horns and the clamor of the people. It was all so familiar and calming. You had grown up your entire life in this city. There was no place you’d rather live than here. You were so lost in these thoughts that you failed to hear the subtle movement of someone entering through your open window.

You were just about to drift off to sleep when you heard a loud thump and a muffled groan from behind you. You jumped instantly out of your chair, ran to turn the overhead light on, and quickly grabbed the nearest thing to you to use as a weapon. That item just so happened to be your Millennium Falcon Bluetooth speaker that you got for Christmas one year. You knew it was geeky, but you didn’t really care what others thought about it. You found it to be awesome, and so did your best friend Peter Parker. Not that his opinion mattered any more than everyone else’s. Obviously.

You held the speaker up, ready to swing at whomever had come into your room, and looked down to see a body laying face down on your hardwood floors. When you saw who it was you froze in your spot and your jaw dropped.

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Skyline {II}

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Warnings: Language

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Word Count: 2.8k

A/N: Guys!!! I’m seriously blown away at all the commotion and excitement around Skyline.  In the two days that I’ve posted it, I’ve had to turn off my notifications just because they were blowing up!! Thank you so much for all that you’ve done and, hopefully, will continue to do…as there will be a Skyline pt. 3 and possibly pt. 4!!  One quick thing I’d like to mention, however, is that I’ve gotten a lot of requests to tag people in my writing.  While I’m honoured that you guys want to know as soon as possible when I update, I’ve had so many people request to be on a tags list that I’ve just decided not to do one.  I don’t ever want to leave someone out or forget about someone, so I thought it’d be best to not have one at all.  I really hope this doesn’t affect you guys too much, but if you follow me, I usually give pretty regular updates on what’s going to be coming soon.  And, with that out of the way, I hope you enjoy!!

{part I}

It had taken a few weeks, but life after your meeting with Spider-Man had finally returned to normal. The groups of people hanging around your locker had broken up, the teachers stopped questioning you in front of class, and only three people asked if you had Spider-Man’s number when they wrote in your yearbook.  Despite the attention you had received, however, your school year had come to an uneventful close.  And although you were grateful the interrogations had stopped, you were less than overjoyed about the dullness your days had once again become coloured with.

Your time was filled with events in which variety was far and few.  You woke up at the same time, ate the same breakfast, took care of the same two year old next door, visited your same friends, and tried not to notice the slow ticking of the clock on the wall.  It wasn’t that you didn’t enjoy the time with your friends, or your favourite toddler; it was just that you felt…different.  Different in a way that you couldn’t explain, or even put into words.  Just different.

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The year is 2019. Somehow, Agents of SHIELD got renewed for season 6 and for this season, the team is focused on the Skrull invasion as part of a tie-in with Captain Marvel.

Around episode 10, we get the biggest twist of the season. In a special guest appearance by Brie Larson, Carol Danvers reveals a prison where the Skrulls are keeping all the people that they’ve replaced.

And who is among the prisoners? None other than a malnourished, badly hurt Antoine Triplett. Turns out the Trip that the team knew was a Skrull this whole time. 

And then the team rescues Real Trip and he joins the series as a main cast member. 

Pull Me Closer


Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: Peter visits reader after a particularly bad day and lets his feelings slip out.

Warning: Light swearing

It had been a long day for Peter. First, the argument with Flash at school was seriously embarrassing for him. To have him watched by everyone while he tried to defend himself that he really did know the Avengers was absolutely mortifying. Then, Liz had invited him to that stupid party which he just had to go to in order to sort his feelings out once and for all. Peter had been pining after both you and Liz for months on end and he finally needed to decide between the two of you just so that he could make a move.

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T'Challa Flirting With You Would Include

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  • He’d be confident.
  • He would admire your strength.
  • He’d never lie to you.
  • He’d respect you and your boundaries.
  • He would be such a gentleman.
  • He would give you that beautiful grin.
  • If you had just finished training with him/Shuri/anyone else, he would praise you for how well you did.
  • He’d put his hand on the small of your back and lead you back to the palace.
  • Soft touches on your hand, arm, cheek etc.
  • He’d always look into your eyes.
  • He’d shower you with gifts.
  • The gifts would be things he’s made himself.
  • When it comes to making decisions for Wakanda or the Wakandan army or any other matter, he would respect your opinions.
  • He’d be protective over you.
  • Not too protective, but he’d protect you in his own way.
  • Like, always making sure your battle armor was in perfect condition.
  • You’d be the first one he’d ask to dance at parties.
  • Compliments.
  • Lots. Of. Compliments.
  • Pet names.
  • “My love.”
  • “Love.”
  • “My queen.”

Thank you for requesting nonnie! And thank you @mo320 for helping me with this!

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TOM HOLLAND Q&A - The Brothers Trust Launch Event 23/07/17

He’s such a precious little dork😭😍😍

Top 5 Shipping Moments of 2016

Well, until this year ends, this will be the last of these I do. So enjoy last year’s biggest shipping moments, for better, for worst, for whatever you choose. 


Season 20 of South Park is mostly a big disappointment (like a lot of 2016) but the biggest one has to be the drop-kick to the gut for most SP shipping fans. Okay, not Creek shippers. But as a Kyman shipper, the whole breakup thing was hard. Basically, 2 episodes in to season 20, the girls all broke up with the boys (apparently a lot more people were dating in the SP-verse than we knew about), leaving all of our beloved heroes devastated, from Kenny to Butters to Stan staring at Wendy’s ‘I can’t fix you’, it was a shocking and haunting way to end the second episode. And among all those straight breakups, there was Kyle staring wistfully at a picture of Cartman. Subtly has gone out the window. 


Whatever floats your boat, but Hamilton was nice enough to grant us not only the popular Laurens/Alexander, but also Alex/Eliza, Jefferson/Madison, and Lafayette/Mulligan. While Hamilton was released in 2015, these pairings really started up around last year, when people started getting a hold of the soundtrack. Suddenly you heard these songs even if you couldn’t afford a broadway ticket, and the show became a gigantic phenomenon. The biggest ship in the fandom is probably Alexander/John Laurens, but that isn’t to say it’s the only one; there’s shipping going on in all corners of the Hamilton Fandom. Bet you never thought you’d be shipping 18th century historical figures.


Marlene brings PB to meet her dad. A fun bit of Adventure Time girlmance gone unsubtle. For Bubbline shippers, although this episode was more about Marcy’s substitute Dad the Ice King and his issues, the best part was all the Marcy/Bubblegum subtext. Seriously, the episode plays like Marcy is bringing her girlfriend to meet her dad. Then there’s the nicknames, the holding onto each other while flying, the line ‘you always know which button to press’, Marcy denying she has a boyfriend (well, technically not a boyfriend), and PB putting up with the nutty Ice King for Marcy’s sake. 


Sure, there were Lapidot shippers prior to them becoming barn mates, but 2016 is the year when Lapidot pretty much became the dominant ship in the Steven Universe fandom. No mean feat considering that the two don’t have nearly as much screentime as the other Crystal Gems. Yet fanfic about them dominates. And yeah, there’s a lot to work with in 2016; from Peridot begging Lapis’ forgiveness, to the two filling their barn with ‘meep-morps’, acting like a married couple (with their own kid Pumpkin, no less), and just generally starting to get along so well you could hardly see one without the other…it’s no wonder, really, that the ship has taken off like it did. 


AKA the alternate title to Civil War. Let’s face it, this movie ripped all of our hearts out. I’m sure it wasn’t just me. It doesn’t seem to matter who you ship in the Marvel Cinematic Universe; Civil War was dedicated to ripping out your heart and playing with it. Let’s see: Ship Pepper/Tony? They’re broken up now, and offscreen! You ship Wanda/Vision? Let’s have her run off and defeat him in battle! Natasha/Tony, Natasha/Steve, Natasha/Clint, Natasha/Bucky…honestly, it’s hard to say if ANY Natasha ship didn’t get their heart ripped out. Steve/Tony shippers basically got their hearts annihilated with a tank missile to the face. And hell, even if you are a hardcore Stucky shipper (like me), they still don’t exactly get a happy ending either! (stupidtriggerwordscryofreezerightthingbut stillhurtsbullshit) Bring on the fix-it fics!

Dating Peter Parker would include...

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  • Peter taking a lot of pictures of you (even if you don’t like them he still loves to keep them because he thinks they’re beautiful and remind him of you when you’re not around)
  • Smell of fresh air and soap
  • Him always sensing when you’re lying about being okay and trying to cheer you up or just being with you
  • Nerdy jokes
  • Staying with him in the detention even if you don’t have to
  • Peter leaving cute messages in your locker
  • Peter leaving small gifts at your doorstep
  • Soft kisses
  • Star Wars movie nights
  • Snuggles
  • Him being a total (and sweet) geek when you have to make a science project or your computer broke down
  • Cheering him up after failed missions
  • Peter always being polite to your parents because he wants to be a ‘good boy’
  • Peter being a total bad boy when he’s tired or too emotional
  • Neck kisses
  • Shoulder kisses
  • Running your finger through his hair
  • Laughing in the middle of the night
  • Peter making music playlists for you
  • Dancing to the songs together
  • Wearing his sweatshirts 
  • You listing to him being excited about meeting Avengers
  • Him murmuring that he loves you
  • Peter playing with your hair a lot
  • Catching him at staring at you with love and adoration in his eyes
  • Doing homework together and helping each other in it
Sam Wilson Flirting With You Would Include

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  • He’d be very confident.
  • A little bit cocky.
  • He would flash you that dazzling grin of his.
  • If you met at a bar/diner/coffee shop he’d buy you a drink.
  • He’d bring you flowers/chocolates/other gifts.
  • Despite being confident and cocky, he’d be a gentleman.
  • He’d be very charming.
  • His eyes would never leave yours.
  • Cheesy pickup lines.
  • “Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven?”
  • “Feel my shirt. You know what that’s made of? Boyfriend material.”
  • He’d throw a wink your way every now and again.
  • Compliments.
  • “You are honestly so beautiful. Why haven’t I seen you before now?”
  • He’d try to impress you by telling you he’s the Falcon and he works with the Avengers.
  • He’d ask you to go running with him just to spend more time with you.
  • Gentle touches.
  • He’d trail his fingers up and down your arm and across your cheek.
  • He’d hold your hand.
  • He’d put his hand on the small of your back.
  • He would wrap his arm around you.
  • He’d be very touchy feely.
  • He’d kiss your cheek.
  • He would always ask you to dance with him.
  • He’d hold you close when you did dance.
  • Pet names.
  • “Sweetness.”
  • “Sugar.”
  • “Babe.”

Thank you for requesting nonnie! Also, thank you @mo320 and @pollaluci for helping me with this!

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