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The bittersweet feeling of having arrived in the future, seeing the way things turned out, but not being able to tell your past self.

Summary:  Told in reverse-chronological order, Enouement is the story of love and loss, telling the journey that led you to your ultimate destination: a life full of happiness and regret, mistakes and laughter- and the man who gave you it all. Bucky x Reader

Updated 27 April

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MCU: Chronological Watch Order

This is so important.

UPDATED: Agent Carter Season 1 One Shot confusion pic was changed..  Also, Jessica Jones comes right after Daredevil. 

Parties For Hosting(Reader x Bucky Barnes)

Word Count: 1500

Summary: The reader and Bucky are hosting their 3rd annual Christmas Eve party. 

A/N: I’m doing a little Xmas series with Bucky based on It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year! I’ll post one every day until Christmas. I hope that you enjoy this! <3

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I honestly forget that j0ss wh3don didn’t direct all the other M(U movies because they all look and feel the same.

You welcome by the way. 

Master Marvel Chronology

So, a while back I mentioned that I was doing a complete overhaul of my spreadsheet detailed the complete chronology of all main-universe marvel comic collections relative to each other. That work is now largely done.

Have you ever stared at three different trade collections all labeled “Avengers Volume 1″ with no idea which was the one you wanted? I have! It’s very annoying! Marvel renumbers things all the time, and also sometimes changes the title. If you’re paying a lot of attention, you’ll probably know which one you’re looking for, but if you go looking for a story arc someone recommended, you can be entirely out of luck in terms of finding it.

On the general principle that I can’t be the only one for whom this is true, I present to you a very fancy spreadsheet indeed.

May it be useful to others, and if anything on it is confusing or weird, please drop me an ask or something? I am striving for clarity and readability here.

(There are a few things not on the chart, largely things I discovered I was missing data for in the process of the overhaul, but I shall be adding those in the days ahead, and the thing is basically complete.)

(@copperbadge, you requested I ping you when this was up? If you’re still interested, here it is.)

anonymous asked:

I'm sure you've done comics recs posts before, so my question is more general in regards to finding Wanda related titles. Is Marvel's official site just utterly unhelpful in trying to find a list of issues that Wanda has appeared in/will appear in soon in their character links list, or is there even a place you know of that has actually complied this information - if not Marvel's site?

There are a couple of sites (Marvel Chronology Project and Complete Marvel Reading Order) that list all the 616 ones… up to a point. They’re years behind though. For an up to date list, you’re stuck wading through the Marvel wiki.

As for current titles and upcoming appearances, if it’s an important guest appearance, it’s often mentioned in the solicits, which are released three months in advance, but for smaller or surprise appearances… that’s what the fandom is for. I don’t read the dreaded CBR anymore (because I love myself), but if Wanda shows up in a random issue, it’s likely to get mentioned in her thread that Wednesday.