A Young Black Girl Is Now The Smartest Hero In The Marvel Universe
Step aside, gentlemen.
By Rachael Krishna

“On Sunday, Marvel announced at San Diego Comic-Con that the smartest hero in the Marvel Universe is now Lunella Lafayette, a 9-year-old black girl from Manhattan, New York, and star of the Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur comics.”

You guys seriously need to be reading this comic.


[title]: Missed

[pairing]: Bucky x Reader

[prompt]: Kind of a “You never know what you got ‘till it’s gone” type of thing when the Reader leaves for a mission and Bucky misses her.

[warnings]: swearing, fluff, fluff, fluff

[a/n]: ft. me rambling again this is actual nonsense 

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           [y/n] liked Bucky Barnes. She had never heard him speak a word in English ever. The only noises she had ever heard him make were mumbles in Russian, grunts, and whines of terror in the night. Bucky was quiet and [y/n] liked that. And she was so confused when other people didn’t feel the same way.

           She couldn’t fathom why some of the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. agents would look at him the way they do. She didn’t get what people didn’t understand about the fact that what happened wasn’t Bucky’s fault. She wondered why Bucky sat all by himself when Steve was away, the others avoiding him like he was fucking diseased.

          So she sat next to him one day. He was staring at the blank television screen while Steve was away on a mission. She plopped down next to him, turning the TV on. He turned to look at her with an expression that she couldn’t read. So she gave him a small smile and flipped through the channels.

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