When I was perhaps 11 years old and in my hometown of Ocean City, I’d go to the drugstore to buy a milkshake. Sometimes they’d give me the shaker and there would be an extra drop inside. Some restaurants do the same with a martini but not many. What I get when I come here is really a martini and a half. The owner, Catherine, knows that I like a little extra, just like when I had a milkshake as a boy. That’s why I come to Le Veau d’Or: because I get a good table and a great martini.

Gay Talese in Monocle.

Okay can I rant for like 30 seconds about something really, really stupid? My dad and I decided to watch Iron Man 2 tonight (because what else do you do on Christmas Eve?) and in the scene before the birthday party Nat comes in to help Tony with his watch and she hands him a martini and says “Is that dirty enough for you?” but THERE’S A FUCKING LEMON PEEL IN IT. I’m sorry, but YOU DO NOT PUT A FUCKING TWIST IN A DIRTY MARTINI. It’s olives or lemon, not olives and lemon, what the fuck kind of disgusting martini is that???

Jfc, making a proper martini is like Spy School 101. @marvelentertainment get your shit together.