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Starring #JasonMomoa from #GameofThrones®, #MartinHenderson, #JulianneNicholson from #BoardwalkEmpire, #TomSizemore, and #TamaraTunie from #LawandOrderSVU

GLORIOUS! Talk about breathtaking, what 3-D Imax was made for! Inspired by a true story of Rob Hall and his team, as they attempt the treacherous feat to reach the summit of Mount Everest in May of 1996! Major credit is due to director Baltasar Kormákur for doing a marvelous job in effectively showing us what it feels like to climb that mountain. With a star studded cast led by Jason Clarke, John Hawkes, Josh Brolin, Emily Watson, Jake Gyllenhaal and more, giving compelling, powerful performances to grasp you attentively, but the true star here is ‘Mount Everest’. Though 'Everest’ takes it’s time to get where it needed to be with everything in order, it still manages to keep you tune to it, because it allowed itself to set up the lives of these individuals, giving us just about enough about each character, so when the outcome start unraveling, you begin to feel for these people. The imagery here is one of spectacular proportion, giving us a very brutal and intense experience of survival, life and death. The only thing that didn’t get me 100% into this film, was that it lacked some emotional depth that was needed to drive this story to the core of it’s audience, but it still doesn’t take away what an impressive film this is. Everest is truly a majestic harrowing experience, where it conveys all the thrills, white knuckle intensity that’s indeed 👍🏾 WORTH IT 👍🏾 to be seen, in IMAX 3-D if possible. NEVER LET GO. #Everest #JasonClarke #JoshBrolin #JohnHawkes #RobinWright #EmilyWatson #KeiraKnightley #SamWorthington #JakeGyllenhaal #MartinHenderson #BaltasarKormakur Released: September 18, 2015

Le Pfiouuuu du Jour

Oh un kiwi. Mais joli le kiwi néo-zélandien. Aperçu au détour d'un film. Acteur de second plan mais physique intelligent. Plaisir des yeux donc.

Entre l'Irlande et la Nouvelle-Zélande je vais finir par croire que l'ile est propice à la prolifération de physiques avantageux.