danny: we have a doctor. and a wheelchair. pregnant woman that’s not her. fat guy in a robe. nurse.

martin: is it important that you narrate?

danny: you know, i'm sorry. i forgot, you can’t think and listen at the same time and…

martin: that’s pretty good for someone who can’t think without speaking.

1x12 underground railroad ↵

Daily Whump #41: Take Me to the Hospital


Show: Without a Trace

Episode: 4.01, “Showdown”

Character: Agent Martin Fitzgerald, Agent Danny Taylor

Intensity: Oh NOES!

The One-Sentence Sitch: Just when they think they’ve closed a case involving the assassination of a foreign leader, Martin and Danny are ambushed by the general’s vengeful security detail while transporting the culprit, and the shootout ends with one man down.

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Fry Guy goes to a Falcs game

This was going to be great. He could hardly believe his luck when his uncle offered him a ticket to the Falconers’ home opener. He loved the Falcs so much that he didn’t hesitate for a second, even though it would take an hour long train ride either way, plus additional travel time to and from the station and rink… This was going to be great!

The thing is – he really loves hockey. He goes to all the games at Samwell, too. The women’s team is fantastic, the men’s team is great too… except they are the WORST. They’re the kind of team that needs to be seen, not heard… Unfortunately, they can be heard EVERYWHERE they go.

Jack Zimmermann seemed okay, and he didn’t for one second believe those stupid rumours about him. Whenever he saw Jack around campus before, he seemed quiet and focussed. It was no wonder he made it to the NHL after all. Disciplined… If only the rest of his team had taken a page from Jack Zimmermann’s book!

Oluransi seemed nice, but the one time he tried approaching the defenseman and ended with a mini-pie splattered against his face. He accepted his friend request on Facebook, but never attempted to speak to him in person again after that.

Even the small player, Bittle, was too much sometimes. He remembered vividly the time that it took three of his teammates to restrain him while he shouted and kicked at Jack over something about Beyoncé? He didn’t understand it either.

Birkholtz was one of the worst offenders, though. He was just. SO. LOUD. All the time. Singing in the library at full-volume falsetto? WHY? Who does that? He was also fairly certain Birkholtz was the one who threw that mini-pie, too. It was definitely his voice shouting the words ‘coral reef’ right before it hit.

The new defensemen weren’t much better. They were constantly bickering at the start, but now it was almost worse – Nurse flirts with Poindexter to the point that he’s embarrassed for both of their sakes any time he overhears it. How could Poindexter be so oblivious? Is he pretending not to notice? Does Nurse have no shame at all? It’s seriously embarrassing.

Knight was by far the worst of the bunch. He was always making some sort of scene and wearing less than the appropriate amount of clothing. The team all called him Shitty. Maybe being the kind of guy who was okay with that nickname was all he really needed to know about him. At least he graduated lest year. He would never have to hear his shouting and swearing again.

Then there was Chow… Actually, Chow was a good guy. He seemed sweet and happy most of the time. There was that once that he accidentally caught Chow and his girlfriend making out in the library, but Chow apologized so much that “get a room” never even entered his mind. Yeah, Chow seemed good.

He shook all thoughts of the SMH from his head. They didn’t matter right now. He was at an NHL game in Rhode Island and they were all a state away in Massachusetts. He was here to see Zimmermann and St. Martin and Robinson and Fitzgerald and MASHKOV. Who cared what Bittle or Knight or Birkholtz or ANY of those guys were up to? They were probably huddled around the TV in that dilapidated “Haus” watching Zimmermann’s first NHL game. They could be as loud as they wanted there, as long as he didn’t have to hear–





He looked down a to a few rows behind the Falconers bench to see the group of familiar men with their all too familiar voices.


The Signs as Writers

*based on their sun signs

Aries: Maya Angelou, On the Pulse of the Morning

Taurus: William Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet

Gemini: Walt Whitman, O Captain! My Captain!

Cancer: Ernest Hemmingway, The Old Man and the Sea

Leo: JK Rowling, Harry Potter

Virgo: George RR Martin, A Song of Ice and Fire

Libra: F Scott Fitzzgerald, Great Gatsby

Scorpio: Neil Gaiman, The Graveyard Book

Sagittarius: Mark Twain, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Capricorn: JRR Tolkien, Lord of the Rings

Aquarius: Laura Ingalls Wilder, Little House on the Prairie

Pisces: Dr. Seuss, one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish….fishy :)


When this was written down in the 1980s, anyone would have given their right arm to have had a copy!

Up for auction is Sammy Davis Jr.’s personal address book from the 1980′s. It reads like a time capsule of Hollywood and a who’s who of the famous. Names of stars include Muhammad Ali, Liz Taylor, Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand, Dean Martin, Clint Eastwood, Ella Fitzgerald, Richard Pryor and Gene Kelly to name but a few.

But there’s one name that stands out from even this elite crowd, and that is Michael Jackson’s. The spiral-bound notebook is filled out in Davis’ own hand and shows many signs of use.

Michael’s number is shown clearly at the bottom left of the above image. His number was (213) 907 5130, with an alternative 1371 to replace 5130, presumably a second line.

Can you imagine having that number in the 1980s!