danny: we have a doctor. and a wheelchair. pregnant woman that’s not her. fat guy in a robe. nurse.

martin: is it important that you narrate?

danny: you know, i'm sorry. i forgot, you can’t think and listen at the same time and…

martin: that’s pretty good for someone who can’t think without speaking.

1x12 underground railroad ↵

Daily Whump #41: Take Me to the Hospital


Show: Without a Trace

Episode: 4.01, “Showdown”

Character: Agent Martin Fitzgerald, Agent Danny Taylor

Intensity: Oh NOES!

The One-Sentence Sitch: Just when they think they’ve closed a case involving the assassination of a foreign leader, Martin and Danny are ambushed by the general’s vengeful security detail while transporting the culprit, and the shootout ends with one man down.

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