Stephen, while looking through alternate universes, discovers that he is connected to Everett Ross in more ways that he thought was possible.
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- Part 2: https://hamishhhuh.tumblr.com/post/176526967126/part-2-how-sherlock-survived-the-fall

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you know when you find an actor/actress you love, does anyone else go back and binge a bunch of movies/tv shows they’re in or is it just me?

Sherlock: I’m home.

Rosie: Daddy, Papa!

Sherlock: John, you should really try not to confuse the child by making her call you two names.

John: She’s never called me that.

Sherlock: Oh great, now you’ve broken the baby.

John: I don’t think she was referring to me.

Sherlock: Don’t be absurd. Who else she might be calling? As far as I’m concerned you are her father

John: Yeah, but she calls me ‘Daddy’.

Rosie (reaching her arms to Sherlock): Papa!



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