Martial Peak

Give Monks d12 Hit Dice

Barbarians are peak physical warriors. They are incredibly strong and resilient, and their hit dice reflect this.

Monks are peak physical warriors. They undergo rigorous physical training to master martial arts and reach peak performance…. and have a d8 hit dice?

Even mechanically, Barbarians and Monks get a lot of similar features- both get unarmored movement bonuses, unarmored defense, ways to increase their DPR with a secondary resource, and their expected damage output is even pretty close across all levels. 

But despite this, Monk’s have the lowest hit dice of any Martial class. 

svsss things that are 100% valid and i love:

- detailed, accurate and Serious Narration crudely interrupted by shen yuan cursing

- liu qingge not knocking on doors like a normal person

- liu mingyans face? never

- binghe being allthe time horny

- system acting like a weird rpg text box

- other characters noticing sqqs weird personality change and lapses in composure and the man himself being oblivious and chaotic as usual

- shen qingqiu would kill for and directly kill shang qinghua

- yue qingyuan somehow putting up with all of sqqs bullshit

- mu qingfang even more impressively putting up with all of the bullshit his martial brothers do

- peak lord bros + binghe expecting sqq to get poisoned or attacked or something or other all the time

feel free to add to the list ^-^

concept: a star wars story line that actually features black and brown women of varying, realistic skin tones; including skin darker than a paper bag. No skin paint or cgi. One is force sensitive, one is an engineer, one is a captured pilot from the resistance, one is a peak martial artist, and one is a deadly assassin. They are all imprisoned in one of the galactic empire’s most notorious and inescapable prison facilities and they unintentionally have to work together to escape. However it ends, the film becomes the no.1 sw film to gross the most money in its opening weekend and they get their own trilogy. Fans everywhere are happy without there being racialized misogyny and woc finally get the rep they deserve and have been longing for in sci fi. And in the credits we find out it’s because Kathleen Kennedy wasn’t involved.