How many times have the hero’s fathers been given the spotlight? How many times have their mothers been pushed aside and forgotten? Too many.

Tony Stark’s mother never gets a name. He gets daddy issues and his father has been given a lot of attention in Marvel projects.

Peter Parker’s father had a bunch of secrets hidden and got a lot of mention from villains but we hardly heard anything about his mother.

Thor’s mom was a badass but was shelved while Odin is still around (possibly killed by Loki, but that’s unclear)

In The Dark Knight trilogy, Bruce’s mother hardly gets any mention at all. As in other Batman movies.

So I can not praise Batman v Superman enough to make Clark and Bruce’s mothers a key part of the story. It is their mothers that bring an end to their fight. Bruce’s mother is the one who haunts him, who pulls him back from killing Clark. Clark’s mother is the one who tethers him to the earth (along with Lois) and who he goes to when he needs guidance.

All in all, thank you BvS for giving me two glorious mama’s boys. We don’t see that enough.


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“When I was a little girl, Grandma taught me a prayer: Accept the things you cannot change. Have the courage to change the things you can… and have the wisdom to know the difference.”


In the Watchmen film, the opening sequences are slow motion events in history that were altered thanks to the Watchmen. These scenes include The Comedian being the shooter of JFK, Dr. Manhattan fighting for the government in the Vietnam War and winning it for the US, that famous sailor kissing the girl in Time Square when World War II ended picture and so on. 

Pictured above is the very first shot among those slow-mo history altering shots. Can you tell which moment in history the first Nite Owl changed by punching this guy? Well, its not exactly “history”, but for some, it is. 

Let’s break this image down to figure it out. 

On the left side of the image, we have a rich looking married couple, alive, and they seem to be with a butler as their driver. 

The fellow being punched is holding a gun, but doesn’t appear to have shot anyone with it. 

Just above the hat of the man getting punched, we see the word “Gotham” on a flyer. 

Just to the right of that flyer, on a separate flyer, we see the word “Fledermaus”, which is German for “bat”.

Above the flyers on the top of the billboard are the words “Gotham Opera House”.

Finally, on the right side of the image, we see repeating flyers of a Bat Man comic book cover. 


In the universe of the Watchmen, Nite Owl I prevented the deaths of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne, thus preventing the “birth” of Batman. 


the post bvs stages of grief

stage 1:

stage 2: