Marshawn Lynch

It’s high time for Black athletes to stand up for black lives like Kaepernick and Muhammad Ali.

I hope with all the fines and penalties they face, players like Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman know that they’re making a difference!! Since it’s Super Bowl Sunday I felt like sharing my thoughts on these two. Last yeat they called Richard Sherman a thug for speaking This year they’re calling Marshawn Lynch a thug for not speaking Who is this “they” you ask? Its the major media outlets The interviewers who are upset becuase these two young successful highly intelligent athletes aren’t playing by their rules anymore. How dare these football players not fall into the traps of the media solely set to make them look agressive and unintelligent! How dare these athletes think for themselves, how dare these athletes call the media out on their crap! Who are they to think that their college educations are enough to form an opinion? So what if they aren’t perfect people?! None of us are, but I commend them for standing up for themselves in a career in which they’re not exactly praised for having an opinion!