Marsha Thomason


Featuring such episodes as:

The One With the Cereal Box Badge
The One With the Exploding Girlfriend
The One Where Neal and Peter Switch Places
The One With the Nazi U-boat
The One On the Island
The One Where Peter and Sara Make Out
The One Where Neal Hugs a Pillow
The One Where Mozzie Is Married WTF
The One Where Neal Goes to Paris 

Enchanted Re-Cast

Marsha Thomason as Giselle // Oscar Isaac as Robert // Leni Zieglmeier as Morgan // Gemma Chan as Nancy // Daniel Henney as Prince Edward // John Cho as Nathaniel // Viola Davis as Queen Narissa 

Yep, yep,yep!! This is NICE)) Can they relive the drama?))

Please! Sign and share) White Collar must be renewed for Season 7! 


“No matter what happens, stay who you are. Not a perfect soldier… but a good man.”

[ captain america fancast ]requested by anonymous

martin sensmeier as steve rogers/captain america | gemma chan as peggy carter

rami malek as james “bucky” barnes 

gary carr as howard stark | wes studi as chester phillips

rachel ticotin as abigail erskine

sophie okonedo as timothea “dum dum” dugan | derek luke as gabe jones | kenneth choi as jim morita

sofia boutella as jacqueline dernier | marsha thomason as jane montgomery falsworth