Does anyone Remember MARS?

Does anyone Remember Mars? Mars is a shojo manga that manage to stand out do to its very focus character driven narrative. I also notice from many people who had read it, said it also realistic which I say it is for most of the time but you can tell that its romanticize when it comes to the romance. But make no mistake as the manga is very well written from beginning and sometimes end but I’ll get to that later. 

This story follow a girl name Kira who is extremly shy and doesn’t know how to socialize. Yes I know her character is cliche but let me tell you that this is only the fucking start as she meets a boy name Rei. 

The two begin to hit it off and it wasn’t until Rei save her from molestation, she starting to take a liking to him. I’m not joking as this happens to her. 

Now before people will scream that its using stuff like rape for cheep shock value, I am here to tell you that isn’t the case as this story plot for Kira not only is treated with care, but has a tone of respect doing so. But the weirdest part comes after this as Rei kisses the statue. 

Ya it was very fucking weird. But things soon gets a lot interesting as the story continues. Ok now the first thing about this Manga that hits home to me is how they handle such topics for the couple to face. The two main leads are one of the interesting and compelling characters you see in a manga. Not only do they not tease us of getting them together till the end, but it also deals with serious subject matter. I’m not joking here that these two suffer a lot of trauma in their younger years. Kira focuses on force rape and incest and Rie focus on the horrible loss of his one and only twin brother. Make no mistake, they do not sugar coat this as it gets really bad for both on how they deal with it as they continue to see each other.

Yes they out right said that the main character was raped by her own family member. What makes this well done is that the two of them, do their best to help each other cope with the problems they face. How Rei manage to help her proceed is what makes him different stand out from the many pretty boys in anime and manga. You see him putting some effort and changes as a person as the series goes on. What makes it great is how Kira is not always defenseless on this. Ya she has her moments but when Rei starts to loose it, she is always their to help. 

You know that is why I enjoy this romance between them so much. The two just really click with each and every moment spend with each other. Sure their dialogue between each other is pretty cliche at time’s but it works because it leads to a lot more characterization. Not to mention that it can be pretty cute. 

Stuff like this makes me care and want to see the challenges that these two face. It gets harder and harder for them when family gets involve and shows a lot more of the dark side that these two had to suffer. The romance lasted just long enough for me to give a shit when something of high stakes comes in. But that is not all! We get a lot of supporting players here. Starting off we got the typical bitch who I swear I thought she was just gonna be the typical love rival. 

Ya I honestly thought the story is gonna drag once this cliche character comes in but to my surprise she acutlly changes in the story. Ya she got a slap in reality that not only changes her to a better person, but has become a main support for the girl she bullied! 

Holy shit that is some nice character development for her. I have enjoy every appearance she made along with the other character, Kida who dates who in the later half of the manga and I have to say they are a cute couple. But then their’s is the antagonist of the series, Masao Kirishma.

This guy has to be one of the most sadistic bad guys I have seen. The lengths that this guy go to get Rei to be on his sadistic side when he save him and what makes it more sad is that he wanted his friendship to be stronger so the two could no longer be alone in this world. Holy fucking shit this guy manage to be creepy and unsettling and yet you can feel sorry for the bastard as he was mock, tease, and hurt by all the bullies because of he is different. 

But jesus Christ can he show no mercy. The looks he always brings just gives me chills down my spine. That and it’s thanks to the artwork that really brings this scene together. The characters are well model and design despite following the shojo model template. But each characters are distinctive enough and the characterization helps that at least. 

Now that doesn’t mean the manga has some issues. One being that you have expect that this is romanticize in some parts. The beginning is very cliche and it only gets more with certain scenes but it isn’t enough to ruin the times when they deal with serous topics. But then their is the ending which I feel its a little lacking. Now don’t get me wrong as it makes sense to why it was made but I feel there it should of been grander. Now I know I said that the romanticize elements are kinda distracting but I honestly wouldn’t mind it if it was save for the ending since its a big close off. Make no mistakes as it at least closes off many plot lines before that happens so it didn’t feel rush. Another issue I have is the manga art gone lazy when it comes to seeing nothing but the panels being blank for most of it. Really some parts I can tell where they are but others, I have no idea if they are in the same place or just in a void of nothingness.  

 Seriously if it wasn’t for the other panels, it would of been more distracting as it is. 

Overall I highly recommend this romance manga to anyone who needs a good and well written love story. It doesn’t have the main guy abusing the girl which I am starting to notice in the more recent shojo manga’s I have read which I’ll get to if I find that one for a this manga sucks series but we’ll see. 

Anyway this is the Animewolfgamer here and I hope the next day will be even better! See ya.