reasons to date the signs


  • they’re super hot
  • they offer to beat up anyone you don’t like
  • tickle fights
  • fun as hell


  • always telling you how cute you are
  • never forgets to text back
  • best at hugging!!!
  • wants to buy you things


  • you never run out of things to talk about
  • dank memes
  • cutest fucking smiles
  • just wants you to be happy


  • rlly good kissers
  • also rlly good at cuddling
  • will mother you
  • you’ll feel so safe and happy


  • good hair
  • random trips to the grocery store
  • they will INSIST on buying you things
  • will never ignore you


  • will take you to a bookstore
  • loves holding hands with you
  • will be sooo gentle and soft with you
  • wants you to do your best


  • will never pass up the opportunity to compliment you
  • GREAT kissers
  • will treat you like royalty
  • loves the cliche romance shit


  • they’ll stay up late for you
  • long hugs and neck kisses
  • might let you win at mario kart
  • will fight for you


  • will drive you anywhere you want
  • fucking hilarious
  • will be friends with all of your friends
  • will always think the best of you


  • are so classy and chivalrous 
  • are too good for you but thinks you’re too good for them
  • will make you cupcakes for no reason
  • plays with your hair


  • shares cool wikipedia articles with you
  • loves you more than they love themselves
  • will never bore you
  • makes dank memes


  • will compare you to beautiful things
  • will 100% bring you flowers 
  • charms your parents
  • is so gentle and shy with you

crystallizedginger  asked:

hello ~ what do you mean by "the planets are the things we have to overcome in order to master these areas of life" ? thanks for your work!

planets in the houses

  • sun: shows the center of our life, something that is so important to us that our own ego or lack of confidence is in the way
  • moon: where our heart is, where we feel needy and look for comfort, but are too sensitive to find a sense of ease
  • mercury: an area that we are very curious about but one that we tend to rationalize too much and overthink
  • venus: where we struggle because we are overly fixated on pleasing others and not offending anyone
  • mars: where we want to prove our potency but our own sense of competitiveness and blind aggression is in the way
  • jupiter: an area where we are confident and optimistic and dont see our shortcomings and the ways in which we lack
  • saturn: we want to show our competence but are numbed by insecurity and anxiety
  • uranus: where we need to be free. rebelling for the sake of rebelling keeps us from doing what we actually want
  • neptune: a deep need for connection that is hindered by a naive or deluded view of of this area
  • pluto: where we feel powerless and want to feel power. we hang on to something but need to learn to let go

so, basically, if you have a lot of planets in one house, there’s also a lot of challenges in that house

Rules Leo and exalts in Aries

MOON ☽ ☾ ○ ◯
Rules Cancer and exalts in Taurus

Rules Gemini and Virgo, exalts in Virgo

Rules Taurus and Libra, exalts in Pisces

Rules Aries and Scorpio, exalts in Capricorn

Rules Sagittarius and Pisces

Rules Capricorn and Aquarius, exalts in Libra

Rules Aquarius

Rules Pisces

Rules Scorpio

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Solar System: Things to Know This Week

Special Edition: Viking 40th Anniversary

Mars is hard. Forty years ago this week, our Viking mission found a place in history when it became the first U.S. mission to land a spacecraft safely on the surface of Mars and return images of the surface. This is astonishing considering that many of the spacecraft destined for Mars failed before completing their missions and some failed before their observations could begin.

Here’s a few things to know about the Viking missions that ushered in a new era of Mars explorations 40 years ago:

1. Multi Mission

The Viking mission consisted of four spacecraft – two orbiters and two landers. All four made significant science discoveries.

2. Last Minute Switch

The spacecraft eventually named Viking 2 was supposed to launch first, but a battery problem prompted us to send the second spacecraft first. Batteries recharged, Viking 2 was then sent to rendezvous with the Red Planet.

3. Not Quite the First

Viking 1 was the first to send back science from the surface of Mars, but the honor of the first Mars landing goes to the Soviet Union’s Mars 3. The Soviet spacecraft landed on Mars in December 1970, but sent back only 20 seconds of video data before going silent.

4. Viking 1 Quick Stats

Viking 1 was launched Aug. 20 1975, and arrived at Mars on June 19, 1976. On July 20, 1976, the Viking 1 lander separated from the orbiter and touched down at Chryse Planitia.

5. Viking 2 Quick Stats

Viking 2 was launched Sept. 9, 1975, and entered Mars orbit Aug. 7, 1976. The Viking 2 lander touched down at Utopia Planitia on Sept. 3, 1976.

For more information about the Viking missions, and to celebrate the 40th anniversary, check out our list of events HERE.

Discover the full list of 10 things to know about our solar system this week HERE

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Exploring Canada (and Beyond) with Rocket Scientist Natalie Panek

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Exploring the outdoors makes Calgary-native Natalie Panek (@natalie_panek) happy — but she wants to trek far past the Canadian wilderness. “I’m working on a Mars rover program right now,” says Panek. “I have this long-term dream of wanting to travel to space.”

The 31-year-old rocket scientist has crossed a bunch off her bucket list: She earned a master’s degree in aerospace engineering, she helped build a solar-powered car and drove it across North America … and she recently met Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau (@justinpjtrudeau), as part of #educationCAN. “It was so cool to really have someone who’s interested in hearing what young people have to say and having their voices shape the future of Canada,” she says. On #CanadaDay, instead of working on her ticket to space, Natalie is adventuring closer to home in Alberta’s Jasper National Park. “There’s so many places to see right in our own backyard.”