C: I think marriage benefits men more than women. I’ve read about men leaving their sick wives or the wife worrying about leaving the kids w/her husband cause he refuses to look after the house. That don’t seem worth it to me. Now if he’s rich and can afford children then I would probably do it otherwise what’s the point lol? I want security and since men are “wired” to be fuckboys then I better get something out of it. Some may say I’m a gold digger which is cool cause it’s true 😂 idgaf.

YurixVictor marriage proposal

Ok so in the very short sequence for the next episode we see that Yuri and Victor are in Barcelona in the Church… But when we look closer, we can see what they’re maybe doing!

Yuri looks up to Victor and his eyes get a bit shaky, like when he’s about to cry or something…

And in the background we see the church…

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So we know that he looks up in Victors eyes and start to cry, maybe because Victor just make a marriage proposal? Could be…

Then we have the sequence were we see Victor talking and he looks very concentrated to something… Maybe in this moment he puts the ring on Yuris finger and say something sweet!

(ignore the sub and the bad quality)

OMG! if they really gonna engaged in the church, that would be soooo good!

Letter to My Husband

I can see you now
With that smile
Your laugh, your eyes
Meeting you was worthwhile

Your hands were made to cover me
Your arms made as my shield
The warm feeling I get when you hold me
That whisper that gives me chills
I can feel your touches now as if they were real

Lips the feel of petals or a honey dew flower
Letting your love pitter patter
Rain down like rain showers
I would only ask a hour

For when we make love
And we sweat
We will feel the earth shake
The hearts beating in our chest
Like the suspense
From a game of Russian roulette
Rihanna said it best

Fill me with your nature
Caress my curves
And touch my soul

Steal my breath
Bless my flesh
Feel my hands invade your shoulders
Broad and bold

Taste my honey
Snatch my speech
Keep me trembling
Make me weak

Though I don’t know you
Yet our family is beautiful
You’re a man of power
Respect and honor
Im your queen
Feelings mutual

As we grow old and grey
I can hear myself
I love you more each and every way
I vow to love and cherish you
Forever and a day
That’s what I’ll say

But when the day comes of when we meet
I will rise to my feet
Promise my heart, love
Trust and honesty
To my soulmate, lover, my husband
I give you all of me

So, my king, take your seat

I want to bring back marriage criticism; it feels like everyone, even feminists, now thinks that marriage is a good thing for women as a class and it’s not, but you don’t read about this on feminist sites. Women in het marriages are less happy and more likely to initiate a breakup than women in unmarried het relationships. Women are also more likely to stay unmarried after divorce, but men are very likely to remarry. As much as individual marriages may be happy, we need to acknowledge these data and the uncomfortable, patriarchal history of het marriage. (Even weddings: the bride’s father “gives her away” (ew); the garter thing is gross and demeaning; the bouquet toss implies that every woman wants the same thing, and a thing (marriage) that is not likely to make her happy at that.) We need to stay critical of these things and revive intense criticism even of uncomfortable topics like this.

100 Women 2016: I am a 'surrendered wife’ - BBC News
Kathy Murray coaches women to stop nagging their husbands and start treating them with more respect.

Californian Kathy Murray says she saved her marriage by giving up trying to control her husband. Despite considering herself a feminist, she follows - and now teaches others - the approach of a controversial book called The Surrendered Wife, which tells women to stop nagging their partners and start treating them with more respect.

This is such a great read, and Kathy Murray is absolutely the kind of feminist that I completely support.

This is not the situation I thought I would be in

This is not the situation I thought I would be in.

When I said that I wanted to put in a woodstove I did not think that I would be the only one to stack the wood, to bring it inside, to come home to a cold house every night and have to make every single fire, every single day.

The thing about making a fire is that it is a little work, the stacking and the lugging and the newspaper and the blowing gently on the new flame. If you’ve got good dry kindling it takes in no time, and the heat is instant. Slowly, the dry warmth pushes out the cold; it wraps around you like a feathered comforter; it draws you near so that your toes are on the wool rug and your fingers are hovering over the radiating heat and you’re safe and warm.

My evenings start cold, with work, but they always end up rich and warm and soothing.

This is not the situation I thought I would be in, but I have spent much of my life preparing for it. I know how to do these things; I do them well. I know the commitment and time and technique they require. Sometimes it exhausts me, but when you run marathons exhausting no longer represents something that should not be. It represents hard work, and dedication, and achievement.

This is not the situation I thought I would be in, but when I dig down deep and look inside I see that there is something so lovely in there; in this. I finally understand the meaning and immeasurable importance of freedom.

The biggest fear is marrying someone you never met - someone you’ve spoken to, you’ve spoken about, you’ve married - but someone you’ve never met. All is well when you first meet - when families meet, when the marriage contract is signed & then you realize you don’t know who this person is ; this verbally abuse individual, this pathological liar, this fraud. & it’s not that you haven’t gotten to know them enough, it’s not that you didn’t ask the right questions. It’s not you. So how do you make sure you’ve married the right person. How do you make sure you know who you’re marrying. How do you use the fear you have to make you more aware?

Where questions of chaos
come in sideways glance

glasses clamber to sing
to a gurgle

and it’s nighttime again.

Signs of ordinary
weighted in that one name
sews tears in white

and I’m sorry there are no words for why it didn’t work out
but don’t mind
I’ll hide my lips
for to suffer that he touched her
in the nighttime

You’ll hear it
in the pillows,
the whisper
from the ring
around his finger.

  • Louis: *laying down on his stomach, playing fifa or something*
  • Harry: *lies down and places his head on Louis' bum*
  • Louis: *wiggles*
  • Harry: "Don't you dare fart on me, Tomlinson."
  • Louis: *farts*
  • Louis: "Too late, Tomlinson."
  • Harry: "I want a divorce."
Work, Work, Work

What are your goals? What are you working towards? How badly do you want these goals? Are you willing to work extra hard for what you want?

If we can apply the aforementioned questions to our daily lives (school, work, business, etc), why can we not apply them to our relationships? Being connected with your significant other, your families, your friends, your children, etc can and should also be worked on.

Let’s take a step back, what if you are not in a relationship but you want one? Well, then, that is your goal and you must work towards your goal. Ask to be set up, use online dating, do things outside of your comfort zone (move to another city to find someone who fits your way of thinking if you have to- I did!). No one is going to come to your house asking to date you. You have to go out and search for what you want. You work for all other aspects of your life, why would you not work for this particular aspect of it? And let me tell you, the work doesn’t stop when you are in a relationship.

If you want to have a successful marriage, you must work hard at it. It must be a clear and conscious goal set from the beginning. It is hard work, like exponentially harder than maintaining any other relationship. It’s all on you. Work to make it work.