Taking a week off my Bachelor's dissertation to plan my MA thesis

I’m doing the Marquis de Sade’s work. 120 Days of Sodom and Philosophy in the Bedroom. Partly I’m doing this because I think I might be able to get a really great angle from the liberation aspect of the works.

However, I’m partly doing it so I can sit opposite dear Rudders (some of my followers will know him) and tell him, with a completely straight face, that I want to spend twelve months studying, researching and talking about sodomy, vice, deflowering, sadism and homosexuality. 

@homosozialismus @marquisdesad the specialty drink of the Yukon is literally one (1) shot of whiskey with a severed, preserved human toe in it. The rules are it has to be a human toe (sometimes bars have tried to pass off substitutes as human toes; this doesn’t count for bragging rights, which is what drinking the cocktail is about) and when you drink it, your lips have to touch the toe. Most places that serve it have one toe that they use whenever they serve it, because it’s hard to come by severed human toes when you’re a bartender - although admittedly not as hard as it would be in a place where frostbite was not a constant imminent threat to everyone.

There’s a fine for stealing or drinking a human toe, it is 2500 dollars. It used to be 500 but in 2013 apparently some guy drank a toe on purpose and then immediately ponied up the fine and was like, “worth it”, because that’s what the Yukon is like.

homosozialismus replied to your post@homosozialismus @marquisdesad the specialty drink…

is that… how is that legal. is there a special exemption for health standards in gastronomy for toe shots.

yeah it’s the “there are very few actual cops in this area due to the fact that very few people live here to begin with and there’s a long cultural history of people moving here specifically to get away from people who might tell them not to do things like drink human toes, and anyway people here have been doing this for over 100 years and literally nobody gives a shit” exemption, I think that is the technical name of it

The very masterpiece of philosophy would be to develop the means Providence employs to arrive at the ends she designs for man, and from this construction to deduce some rules of conduct acquainting this wretched two-footed individual with the manner wherein he must proceed along life’s thorny way, forewarned of the strange caprices of that fatality they denominate by twenty different titles, and all unavailingly, for it has not yet been scanned nor defined.


Marquis de Sade

Many of the extravagances you are about to see illustrated will doubtless displease you, yes, I am well aware of it, but there are amongst them a few which will warm you to the point of costing you some fuck, and that, reader, is all we ask of you;
—  Expert from the Introduction in The 120 Days of Sodom.  I am thorough enjoying this novel already; it makes me laugh.  And to think that it was written in 1785… (of course it had to be translated into English, but…)

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at least they don’t care if they know by this point. that’s a good thing. you could be like “i’m gay,” and they’ll be like “we know.”

 i want to tell them like “mom, dad i had sex with a girl and now she’s pregnant” and when theyre about to kill me ill go “just kidding im gay things like that are never going to happen”