I’m single. Wanna fall in love, but my profession does not allow me to have a relationship at this time. Because relationship requires routine, time … and now I have no time even to myself, to be honest. No one is single by choice. At the same time I speak I don’t have time, I believe in love, I think it is the greater than all. And I believe that, when it has to happen no matter what you do or where you are. Love is free … I know I’m too young to talk about love, but I loved my first girlfriend, then I thought I would not love anymore, and loved the second, then the third, and the fourth will love even more, “ says. And does he have a preference? "I am a man . I want a woman who surprises me. Can be blonde, brunette, brave, dear, messy, everything. I’m open to being surprised
—  Marlon Teixeira confirmed his break up with Bruna

News: The #1 male model in the world, Marlon Teixeira from Santa Catarina, will be honored in 80 pages of the magazine Made in Brazil. The cover was shoot by the iconic American photographer Bruce Weber. The publication will be released with only a thousand copies, for collectors, and it will be sold on newsstands in New York, Miami and Europe.