Drarry Mermaid AU where Draco is out fishing and his net gets all caught up in something. When he’s finally able to pull it up its not full of fish but a man.

A very handsome man with tan skin and messy hair who looks disoriented and confused as he tries to untangle himself.

But Draco jumps out of his small fishing boat into the shallow water reaching out to help untangle the net, and the man looks up at him and Draco feels like he’s drowning, not in the depths of the deep blue sea but in this mans impossibly green eyes.

And when they’re all done Draco keeps talking and talking but the other man never says a word just watches him until Draco is gesturing towards land, trying to get this man who is now shivering and cold to come home with him.

And when they’re back at Draco’s small cabin by the sea Draco offers him what comfort he does have; a warm meal and a soft bed. And that night Draco falls asleep in a chair by the fire watching him sleep.

And when he wakes up the bed is empty, the blanket pulled up tightly across the bed and so many beautiful pieces of green sea glass left on the white pillow. It takes him a moment to realize they were left to spell out a name - Harry.

For months Draco dreams of green eyes and a soft voice, of diving into the sea and never returning. He feels the sea calling to him like never before. Sometimes he even swears he catches a glimpse of a green tail splashing in the sea.

He spends weeks searching, fingering a piece of the sea glass he now wears around his neck. Until one day, when Draco is caught out in a storm and his boat begins to sink. And as he slips beneath the torrent of waves crashing around him the last thing he thinks before he slips into unconsciousness is that he never found him. His Harry.

Later, though Draco will never be sure how much later, he wakes up in his own bed, the fire crackling and the smell of soup in the air. And Draco sits up quickly, his breath catching in his throat when he sees the man, his sea man, his Harry, sitting beside his bed.

“I couldn’t find you,” Draco whispers.

But Harry only smiles, reaching out to take his hand. “But I found you.”

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“Potter can you please be serious, I’m trying to take your picture,” Draco grumbles.

Harry just shakes his head, grabbing the front of his jacket and playfully pulling it shut.

“A good photographer could get the shot,” Harry teases making Draco frown harder.

“Maybe if you would stop moving!”

“Make me,” Harry says with a wink.

“Oh I can make you alright,” Draco says with a smirk, his camera forgotten on the floor.

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So one of my favorite headcanons is that Harry has no idea how hot he is. He absolutely cannot be sexy on purpose.

Like Draco absolutely laughs when Harry tries to be sexy because “seriously, Potter” never admitting that every single thing Harry does is sexy to him.

But when it comes down to it Harry is still the biggest dork ever.

(Marlon Texeira as Harry)