God Save The Queen: Part 4

(( OOC: Marlene played by @askwhathasthiscometo ))

Sirius: *rushes past Marlene at the door of the dressing room* Sorry! 

Sirius: *grins* Hey… I get ready fast. 

Sirius: … No. 

Sirius: None of your business Marlene. 

Sirius: *grins* *throws his costume on and starts putting on the rest of his makeup* 

Remus: *slips into the dressing room, unnoticed* 

Marlene: Not one that you’d wanna use on your face! Ask Lucius. 

Sirius: *grimaces*

Marlene: I hate him too, but he comes prepared. Unlike you. 

Sirius: … What… How did you-?

Sirius: Remus… Fuck… I-

Sirius: I know. I’m… sorry. 

Remus: That’s not going to cut it Black. 

Sirius: *looks strained* I… Marlene’s an old friend. I met up with her last week. *takes a deep breath* She knew I enjoyed performing, we did some theater together in high school… and… she offered me a job. 

Remus: … As a drag queen. 

Sirius: *nervously* You’ve been so stressed lately… being sick and…

Sirius: *glares* Knock it off… We’ve been… having a mildly difficult time making ends meet. 

Remus: *snorts* Diplomatic response… 

Sirius: I just figured I should start pitching in. Jesus, I’ve been leaching off of you and James since I was 16… *shrugs weakly* I just wanted to take some of the stress off. 

Sirius: I mean… Look at me.

Remus: I am looking… 

Remus: I don’t know what you were so afraid of… 

Sirius: *stutters* It’s… It’s… weird. 

Remus: Do you enjoy it?

Sirius: What?

Remus: Do you like your job?

Sirius: *shrugs, suddenly looking smug* I’m an exhibitionist with killer eyeliner-applying-skills… of course I like it. 

Sirius: … You’re kidding. 

Remus: I’m 100% Sirius. 

Sirius: … You’re an idiot. 

Sirius: You’re gonna have to pay extra for that later. Special favors don’t come cheap.

Sirius: *grins and throws on the wig* 

Sirius: You’re distracting. 

Remus: I’ll see you after the show… 


James Potter Imagine: “Cheerleader”

Can you do a James Potter X Reader where the reader is a cheerleader and Dumbledore wants her, Lily, and Marlene to do a “half time show"for the Quidditch game, The reader has a crush on James and he finally notices her during the ½ time show and it’s super fluffy and they start dating?

Requested by anon

“Ready for that half-time show, [y/n]?” wondered Lily, with a slightly teasing tone.

She knew how nervous you were about it, and so did your best friend Marlene, who was doing wonders to hide her amusement at your anxious face.

“I still have no clue why Professor Dumbledore wants us to do this…” you complained, an adorable pout settling on your features.

“Oh, who knows, [y/n]? Maybe a certain boy with glasses will notice you at last…” Lily smirked.

“I don’t have a crush on anyone, Lily,” you assured her. “Even less on that prat!”

You felt your cheeks turning pink and cursed yourself for the self-control your body lacked.

“You couldn’t lie if your life depended on it, [y/n],” Marlene commented. “Besides, you don’t have to affirm anything. You keep talking in your sleep, mumbling his name non-stop… You fancy James Potter, [y/n], no matter what you say. It’s not something bad, you know? He has grown up. He isn’t so immature now. He is quite decent, actually.”

Your cheeks had never looked so red, of that you were certain. There was nothing more appealing at the moment than running and hiding. Trying to dissimulate your discomfort, you blurted out, “He is far from decent! The swine doesn’t even leave me alone when I sleep. He has to turn my dreams into nightmares!”

More lies, of course. That had been your attempt to save your dignity.

“Whatever you say, [y/n]…” Lily huffed.

Both girls chuckled at your exasperated expression. Luckily, the show was about to start.


You were with Marlene and Lily, chatting animatedly in the Great Hall when your crush came over.

“Hey, [y/n]! You were marvelous during that half-time show! I think we won the game because of you…”

That comment was all it took for your face to flush. You could hear Lily and Marlene snickering from behind. You wanted to kill them.

“Thanks,” you managed to reply shyly. Get a grip, you thought. Don’t show them he affects you so much.

Potter grinned at you then. Sweet Merlin! He looked even more attractive when he smiled like that! Could he stop doing that? It was distracting and it took a great deal of effort not to swoon over him.

“There’s a Hogsmeade trip on Saturday… Do you want to come with me and have the time of your life?”

Your [y/e/c] widened. Was your mind playing tricks with you now? Was he asking you out on a date?

His chortle brought you to the real world.

“Yes, it’s a date…”

So not only did you sleep-talk, but you also thought out loud now. Just great. Anyway, it didn’t matter. Your crush was asking you out. The logical outcome would be that you agreed. But then again, you didn’t really believe he was in love with you. For all you knew, it could be a prank. Besides, you had no desire to prove your friends that you love him and that they had been right all along, thus the words slipped out your mouth without warning, “Well, I am sorry, but I won’t go out with you. I’ll go with Marlene and Lily.”

James frowned. The secure and somehow conceited composure he carried with him petered out.

“Oh, I thought you fancied me the way I fancied you.”

“I don’t.”

“Are you sure, love? We can have fun and-”

“I’ll go with my friends, James, not with you.”

He gulped at your words and stared at the ground before nodding and leaving you behind.

“What was that?” asked Marlene.

“Yes, why didn’t you agree to go with him?” added Lily.

You simply shrugged and assured, “I don’t like him that way, that’s all. I told you so yesterday, remember?”

You skedaddled before they could question you any farther. If you had stayed, you would have heard the red-haired witch muttering under her breath that you were the most stubborn girl she had ever met.

Hogsmeade Day…

You were drinking butterbeer and gossiping with Lily and Marlene, as usual, when you heard some guys spelling your name, shouting the letters with enthusiasm. Your head turned towards the source of the sound. 

You couldn’t believe your eyes. The marauders were there, all dressed in cheerleader clothes, shaking pom-pons. They were attempting to do a show. Peter Pettigrew was the clumsiest of the lot, but the others weren’t much better either. One would think that James would be good at it since he excels in sports and Quidditch, but cheerleading wasn’t a talent of his. You began to giggle. He simply looked so freaking adorable failing to pull off some moves. Lily and Marlene weren’t laughing though. Instead, they joined the gryffindor crew. The girls improved the performance, and the guys felt more confident with them. The clients of the Three Broomsticks began to cheer, whistle and applaud while you stared at Potter, not really paying attention to the rest of the gang. James nearly fell though, and the guffaws of the spectators snapped you out of your daze. It was then that you realized what your friends were chanting: “[Y/n], give James a chance.”

Your mouth went dry. 

The performance was over. Everybody clapped before they returned to their meals and conversations. Your crush approached you and took your hand. Your heart was fluttering wildly.

“[Y/n], go out on a date with me. The day has just begun. We can go wherever you wish. We can do whatever you want. Just give me a chance.”

“Y-you d-did all of that because you wanted to g-go out with m-me? Why?” you stammered, your cheeks rosy.

He passed a hand through his dark hair, mussing it.

“I did it because I really like you, [y/n]. I mean, when you did that half-time show the other day I couldn’t take my eyes off of you… I figured you’d notice me too if I did the same… So much for that, right? I only made a fool of myself. I think it’s clear to see… I’ll just go. Forget this ever happened.”

You had been an utter fool. You knew it now. Cursing your stubbornness and pride, you grabbed his wrist and dragged him towards you. Before he could escape, your mouth was over his, not really caring that Lily, Marlene and the Three Broomsticks’ clients were witnessing it. You perceived his confusion and shock, but he soon put his hands on your back and brought you closer, kissing you back with fervor. When the kiss reached its end, he smirked and teased, “I guess this is the beginning of our date.”

“You guessed right.”

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[Image: Four tweets by Raymond Ablack. (1) “It’s cute when ppl try to bully me. You can’t hurt my feelings worse than I do. If goal’s to hurt me, just leave me alone, I’m better at it!” (2) “On subway: boy telling girl that his friends jokingly call him gay, but it doesn’t bother him. You can tell it does though. Hurting my heart.” (3) “There’s just nothing better than talking with my mom.” (4) “Maybe I’m getting old and crotchety, but why bother coming to the lecture if you’re just going to giggle and talk over prof?! Just sleep in!”]


Again, @anne1marie finds the best fanvids!

  • Marlene having such a big crush on Sirius at first because honestly who wouldn’t, but then she realises how gay he is and she quickly grows out of it
  • Sirius teasing her about it every chance he gets
  • She laughs it off
  • They bond over their statuses as respective best friends of James and Lily
  • Seriously how many times have they had to deal with their drama
  • Sirius giving Marlene back massages because she loves them and HE’S SO PROUD OF HIS MASSAGES HONESTLY HE GIVES THE BEST MASSAGES
  • Marlene having crushes on literally EVERYONE
  • She’s a very mature person but when it comes to her crushes she immediately starts acting like a fucking child
  • Sirius giving her relationship advice because « honey you’re hopeless let me help »
  • « And what would you know about that stuff, you’ve never had a boyfriend »
  • « Only because I’m not interested, but we both know I could have about anyone in this school right now if I wanted to »
  • She hits him on the head but she knows it’s true
  • He’s just so charming
  • Marlene accepting advice from Sirius
  • Turns out he gives the worst advice ever
  • Sirius and Marlene doing their homework together and researching more than is required for the assignment because really this is so interesting
  • Sirius teaching Marlene everything he knows about Muggles and motorbikes and Marlene being the first to know about his project to make an enchanted flying motorbike
  • Sirius and Marlene being passionate about things like literature and Transfiguration and feminism
  • Marlene and Sirius being silly together and kissing each other on the cheek and drawing things on each other’s arms and taking naps together in the Common Room
  • Sirius styling Marlene’s hair, he’s just SO GOOD with hair
  • Marlene running up to Sirius one afternoon in the Common Room, completely panicked because « SIRIUS HELP I THINK I HAVE A CRUSH ON LILY I CAN’T HAVE A CRUSH ON LILY SHE’S MY BEST FRIEND »
  • Sirius who can’t stop laughing at the face she’s pulling, telling her to calm down, that she’ll be over it in a few weeks tops
  • « But what if I don’t get over it?? »
  • Two days later she’s over it
  • This one time Marlene thinks she might have a bit of a crush on Remus
  • Sirius realising that this bothers him for some reason
  • Marlene, seeing how weirdly he’s reacting, asking « What’s up with you? Wait - you don’t have a crush on Remus, do you? »
  • That’s how Sirius realises he does have a crush on Remus
  • Marlene is so happy that Sirius has a crush on Remus that she immediately forgets about her own crush
  • Marlene being the only one to know about Sirius’ crush on Remus
  • Marlene always trying to get them the be alone with each other and always winking not-so-subtly at Sirius whenever Remus comes their way
  • Sirius being terrified of Remus finding out and constantly begging Marlene to cut it out
  • And then one day they both come running up to one another, grinning like two idiots, both yelling at the same time « YOU’LL NEVER GUESS WHAT HAPPENED »
  • They sit on the couch and Sirius tells Marlene to go first
  • And she talks so fast he almost doesn’t understand what she’s saying, she literally cannot calm down because she finally asked out that Hufflepuff chick she’s had a crush on for months and SIRIUS SHE SAID YES, WE’RE GOING TO HOGSMEADE TOGETHER NEXT WEEKEND SIRIUUUUUS
  • Sirius is so happy for her he hugs her tightly and then lifts her up and spins her around because he’s always been the expressive kind and he’s so proud of her
  • And then when they’ve settled down a bit she asks what he wanted to say
  • He doesn’t want to say at first because this is her moment and he doesn’t want to ruin that by making it about him
  • But he’s really dying to spit it out and Marlene is jumping up and down on the couch chanting « tell me, tell me, tell me »
  • So he smiles widely and says « Remus kissed me »
  • And man
  • Oh man
  • Marlene’s reaction
  • Everyone in a fifty feet radius turns their heads, expecting to see some horrible murder scene because oh my god that shriek was surreal
  • She is SO HAPPY she starts doing a dance around the couch and at first Sirius is a bit flustered because everyone is staring, but then he decides he doesn’t care and he joins in on the dance and they both start chanting « Remus kissed you » « You got a date to Hogsmeade » « I snogged Remus Lupin » « I asked a girl out » and so on for at least twenty minutes (people who are trying to study in the common room are eyeing them reproachfully)
  • Remus leaning against a wall at the top of the stairs to the boys’ dormitory, looking down at the pair of them, grinning to himself and rolling his eyes because oh my god I’m in love with an idiot
  • Marlene: *grumbles* *complains*
  • Remus: *whines* *groans*
  • Marlene: Fuck my stomach hurts.
  • Remus: I look like a bloody ghost.
  • Marlene: Stop fucking moaning.
  • Remus: Me?! You're the one that needs to shut up.
  • James: What's up with them?
  • Sirius: It's their time of the month.