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A point that I’ve struggled with is me caring so much about the youtubers I follow, and the communities I’m apart of. It’s even driven me to abandon the internet and people in general. I often argue with myself about the reasons why I care, or “ is it even worth it”.
For example, this game (Hearts and Heroes), hit me very hard the first time watching it. The video was such an emotional rollercoaster as-well. It reenforces those reasons and makes my love for all of this valid. Mark for example is a reason I’ve allowed myself to understand my own emotions, and not hold them in. I am a very caring person, but most of my life I’ve been pushing it down. Without him.. I wouldn’t have wanted to get in touch with that part of me. So thank you Mark, and this community of yours that I’m so happy to be in.
2014 and counting of years knowing of Mark 🖤

Markiplier Manor (pt. 11)

    Doc sees Amy laying there in the light coming in through the window and smiles. He worried so much after he woke up, knowing that something had happend to her and he couldn’t do anything to stop it. She smiles up at him and motions for him to come closer.

     He sits down on the bed beside Amy as the dogs both crowd around him, sniffing at him curiously. Chica boofs up at him, certain that this should be Dad, but Dad was just wearing different clothes. And this Dad smells different for some reason. Henry just wants to get onto the bed with Mom, but he knows he’s not allowed. Doc laughs at the two distressed pups but then turns back to Amy, pulling a penlight from his bag to check her pupils.

    After a quick assessment, he nods, face somber as he realizes that his guess was right. “Just as I thought, no concussion. I knew Dark was lying to me.”

    Amy’s face falls in confusion, and then she raises an eyebrow. “Doc? Is something wrong?”

    Doc glances towards the door and motions with his hand for Amy to keep her voice down. “Do you remember what happened to you? Just before you lost consciousness?”

    Amy furrows her brow and searches her brain, but she can’t seem to find the memory of what happened. She shakes her head. “No, I can’t remember. Why?”

    Chica boofs at Doc again, and he jumps a little but smiles at the dog kindly and pets her. Then to Amy, he whispers, “Dark told Mark that you fell, but you didn’t. He tried to erase my memory of it, too, but I’ve learned how to keep him out of my head.” He takes Amy’s hand. It’s warm against his cold fingers and a comfort to know that she’s alright. “Dark attacked you, Amy. He’s hiding something from us, a strange mirror.”

    Amy burrows deeper under the covers, pulling them up over her shoulders as she leans closer to the Doctor and hugs her knees to her chest. “Are you sure?”

    Doc nods and glances again towards the door, almost as if he expects Dark to walk in at any moment. “I’m sure of it. I was there.”

    “He didn’t hurt you, did he?” Amy gasps suddenly, squeezing Doc’s hand, and Dr. Iplier shakes his head. Amy relaxes her shoulders a little. “Oh, good, but now what do we do? We can’t let Dark know that you still remember. Why would he try to hide this from us anyway?”

    Doc rubs his hand on his chin and sighs. “I don’t know, this doesn’t seem quite right. Dark never even goes inside the library that I know of, but…”

    Amy tilts her head to the side. Doc isn’t looking at her again, avoiding her gaze like he did on that first day they met. “Doc, what are you thinking? Who else would go into the library?”

    “The Host,” Doc whispers, his gaze still far away, like he’s looking into his memories. “The Host is the only one I’ve ever seen going in or out of the library, and he and Dark have an interesting sort of business relationship. They hate each other, but for some reason, they work together.” Finally he turns his head to look at Amy again. “Amy, I think you need to stay out of this one. Rest here with Mark where you’re safe, and let me see what I can find out about that mirror, okay?”

    “No! I’m going with you!” Amy demands. She starts to throw the covers off of her, but Doc puts his hands on her shoulders and holds her back.

    “Please, Amy.” He’s looking deep into her eyes again, and again, she can see that war of emotions going on inside of him. Amy nods and leans back into her pillows. Doc relaxes with a relieved sigh and gathers his things again. “Thank you.” He squeezes her hand one last time and then gets up. “I’ll come back and let you know what I find out just as soon as I can, okay?”

    Amy tries not to let her face betray how worried she is for him, and instead she smiles and reaches a hand down to pet Henry’s head. “Take care, Doc.”

    He backs into the door and opens it without turning away from her. “Get better soon, Amy.” When he does turn away and close the door behind him, Dark and Mark are waiting for him. It seems they were having a very cordial chat which doesn’t make sense to the Doctor, but rather than questioning it, he just smiles and nods. “She should be just fine. Let her rest for this afternoon, and when she wakes up, make sure she drinks lots of water.”

    Mark’s shoulders drop a little as the news takes a weight off of his chest. “Good! I was so worried.” He steps towards the bedroom again, unsure of what to do with his guests, but Dark solves the problem by bowing at the hip and muttering a good-bye before turning and expecting Doc to follow him.

    The Doctor gives Mark a final apologetic smile and then scurries after Dark who puts his hand on Doc’s arm and magically teleports them back to the manor in a stream of viscous black fluid that leaves the Doctor feeling nauseous. Dark steps past him, heading for his study and leaving Doc to deal with the motion sickness on his own. Once Doc has regained his composure, he leans against the wall for a moment. When Dark’s footsteps fade, Doc goes to the Host’s room.

    Outside the door, he pauses, suddenly struck with fear. He can hear the Host’s gentle voice on the other side of the door, but rather than calming his nerves, the voice only serves to make the Doctor even more nervous. Then he reaches forward and knocks.

    There’s a pause, the voice goes quiet. The door springs open suddenly, a hand reaches out, and drags Doc inside. Shutting the door and locking it quickly, the Host mutters, “Dr. Iplier should not be here right now. Dark will suspect that the Doctor is somehow able to remember what happened if he finds him here.”

    Doc notices that the Host is already tapping on his leg, and he puts a hand on Host’s shoulder to try to calm him. “If you wanted me to stay ignorant to yours and Dark’s schemes, you shouldn’t have taught me how to keep Dark from erasing my memories.”

    The Host grits his teeth and steps away from the Doctor, averse to the touch of Doc’s hand on his shoulder. “The Host wishes that he hadn’t.”

    “Well, we all wish things, don’t we?” Doc’s voice is bitter, but he’s determined not to run away from the Host again. “Now, you’re going to tell me what’s going on here, or I’ll go straight to Mark and tell him everything I know. And I do mean everything.”

    The Host grips his hands into fists at his sides as anger mounts inside his gut. “The Doctor is going to regret doing this.”