I just discovered the RageOn app the other day. It’s still a pretty new community but it’s already TEEMING with stolen fanart. The app is currently only available for iPhone but they also have a web store that has all the same content

The web based store here: 

Their DMCA policy is here:

The DMCA takedown form is here:

I just had to send in a takedown form for @hawfstuff ‘s popular Blue Diamond painting so I’m hoping RageOn acts quickly to take it down. 

Scientists quit their day jobs, head over to YouTube
  • Scientists quit their day jobs, head over to YouTube
  • Marketpace - American Public Media

I realize that a lot of the people who watch and read It’s Okay To Be Smart might not regularly tune into the NPR show Marketplace, because one is about stock markets and economics and one is about science (mine’s the one about science). If you did tune in, though, then you got to hear me and Henry from MinutePhysics tonight (along with soundbites from Hank Green and Emily Graslie!), talking about the explosive rise of educational YouTube channels! 

If you didn’t listen, that’s okay. I gotcha covered. Listen to it above!

After you’re done hearing me talk, head over and read the accompanying article on Marketplace’s website to see a rare behind-the-scenes photo of me shooting an episode of IOTBS.

Thank you to everyone who has made this trip from “grad student blogger” to “Ph.D. YouTube guy” possible. We’ve still got a lot of fun and interesting stuff to discover together.

Goddess of the Day: April 6

Aziri - African Goddess of Prosperity.  Aziri is the Goddess of wealth and possessions, watching over marketplaces and business transactions.   She distributes Her material blessings and opportunities specifically to women, in an effort to maintain balance and avoid patriarchal reign and power.  She is also seen as a Goddess of love, protecting women from harmful pairings and men who wish to marry for material gain.  Thieves and swindlers, particularly those who abuse women, are subject to Aziri’s great wrath.  

(text from Brandi Auset, The Goddess Guide)

Facebook Marketplace just opened  — and illegal shit is already going down

Facebook launched Marketplace this week, its answer to Craigslist, for iOS and Android. Just hours into the launch, it’s become a black market as chaotic and lawless as a Dark Net forum. Facebook’s commerce policy is clear about what’s banned from online sales, but the illegal items for sale clearly defy its regulations.

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A few shots of common items you’ll find in the Meccan street markets down the way from Al-Masjid Al-Haram where the Ka'bah is located. 1) Prayer rugs in an array of colors & designs, 2) Thikr beads, 3) 21kt & 24kt & up Yellow Gold Bangles & jewelry.  Saudi Arabia is incredibly abundant with gold. All shot by yours truly on my Canon T3i DSLR <3 LeeLou