A collaboration between me and @varvau

This is the post-critique version of

After following the suggestions, the entire piece feels a lot more whole now. Losing the over exposed green fabric roofing between the opossum and the maned wolf now makes them the focal point. At the same time, it allowed the atmosphere to be more present and entire setting to pop out. That one over exposed fabric held almost all elements back and demanded attention.


MARKET BLDG 13 by Jordan Hall

Siti Khadijah Market - Malaysia

Siti Khadijah market is a fresh food market located in the middle of the islamic city of Kota Bharu. Also known as Central Market, everything from fresh fish and eggs, to exotic fruits, such as durian, can be found at this market. 

The market is named after the  Prophet Muhammad’s entrepreneurial wife. This is fitting, as the market is predominantly run by women.