When the caption said “drag” I assumed it was a roast session

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Got7 crying in front of their S/O.


I think Mark has a very sensitive soul so it’s not something new seeing him cry. Usually, though, him crying would be over something stupid that happened in a tv show so to see him cry over something serious, would break your heart. He probably wouldn’t want to look at you because he’ll be too insecure to look at you in the eyes. You would pull him closer though and he would lay his head above your head while he cried. You felt the tears falling down onto your neck but you didn’t push him away because you knew that, that wouldn’t help.

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Jaebum seems to me like someone who hides his emotions and hides them well. Matter of fact I don’t think I’ve ever seen a video of him crying (please correct me if I’m wrong, I just can’t remember.) So for him to cry in front of you will be strange. You wouldn’t know how to handle it. He would just break down in front of you and your heart would fall to your feet but you didn’t know how to respond. Eventually, you went with asking him what was wrong and he wouldn’t explain and that would just lead you to hug him until he stopped. I see him being quite an intense crier too so the hug is going to last a while.


I also feel like Jackson is a sensitive soul like Mark. There are quite a lot of videos of Jackson crying. Even though he would cry often, this time was different because there was way more emotion. He would be crying over him being overworked and this would hurt you even more because this is something that should make him happy. All he would want during this time is comfort from you. Jackson is someone who likes attention as it is so for when he’s in a bad mood, he’ll want it even more. He’ll want to know that you’re still by his side and you won’t be going anywhere. 

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Another member who is hidden with his feelings. Jinyoung to me is someone who has loads of emotion but tends to hide them because he wants to look likes he’s mature. So for him to break down in front of you would be very rare. So rare that you probably end up crying yourself. You’d just pull him into a hug and tell him that whatever was bothering him, would go away eventually. Jinyoung would explain to you while crying, what was wrong with him but you would tell him to stop and to tell you later. You didn’t want him to cry even more from thinking about it.


Oh, this ball of sunshine. He’ll probably be a shy cryer. What I mean by this is he’ll hide his face so then you didn’t see the tears strolling down his face. You would tell him that he didn’t have to hide his face and he can explain later. He’ll probably be the one to wrap you up in his arms first because he wanted to hide his face. You stayed true to your words and didn’t continue to ask him what was wrong with him until later. Where he told you it was because of being overworked. 


Why do I feel like Bambam would laugh it off? As soon as you see him crying he would start to laugh so then it looks like it’s not over anything serious. Probably saying something like “There’s something in my eye.” Eventually, he couldn’t hold back the tears and they would start pouring out of his eyes. He would stop laughing and this would shock you a lot. You wouldn’t know what to do at first if you should leave him, ask him what’s wrong or pull him into a hug. Finally, you would decide to comfort him.


Someone else who is hidden with his feelings. He wants to come off as cool in front of you and like he has everything together. You would sometimes think to yourself that he’s lying to you about his feelings but you never asked him about it. You knew your occupation was right when he started to cry in front of you. Wiping his own tears away quickly so then you couldn’t see them but there were too many so it started to become hard for him to hide it. 


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Got7 gif reaction to seeing you in your bathing suit

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Got7 gif reaction to going to the pool/beach/waterpark and seeing you in your bathing suit for the first time. 

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“look at how beautiful and perfect my jagi is!”

“yes, we all see her Jaebum.”

“No, nevermind don’t look at her. Close your eyes!”

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**oh my god, act cool Mark. This isn’t the first time you’ve ever seen a pretty girl in a bathing suit. Shit, I’m smiling too much. Whatever we’re already dating.**

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“Thank you to every deity and god that there is for sending this piece of artwork into my life.” I think I may love her more than chicken

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**SCREAMS and giggles**

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“aigooo” doesn’t know what to do so he does random cringey aegyo to calm his nerves.

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Frozen. Sure, Bambam had seen lots of pretty girls on the beach but none of them were his girlfriend who he could openly stare at.

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Nothing could describe this feeling for him other than being proud of having you.

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