Can we please leave Courtney and Ross alone?

It’s bad enough when people are posting their hatred on Ross’s Instagram page but now it seems it has moved to Rydel’s as well. Do people honestly think this is ok? Not only is Courtney very important to Ross, but she also appears to have a very close relationship to Rydel, Stormie, etc. Close enough that she was an invited participant in their family Christmas.

When confronted with the nonsense they were spewing, someone said “they will never see this”. Guess what, they do. They can see it, their friends and family can see it, and their managers and publicists can see it.

As part of another website, I have become friends with an actor from another, yet extremely popular fandom. When he started dating his girlfriend the hatred was just as bad if not worse. It hurt him just as much as it hurt her. So much so that he considered walking away from social media. Guess what, they are still together almost 8 years later.

Another one I hear all the time is “but she has changed him”. Take the celebrity part out of the equation. He’s a 19 almost 20 year old guy. They are moody, selfish, withdrawn, happy, excitable, sometimes all at the same time! It’s called growing up. There are so many worse things Ross could be doing and experimenting with right now, that have nothing to do with her.

I’m not telling you to stop with the bashing since 1 you won’t listen to me anyways, and 2 there is such a thing as free speech. Post it on YOUR tumblr, YOUR twitter, YOUR instagram. Posting it on theirs is ignorant and begs the question why your even in the fandom.

If you can’t support them in what you deem to be bad times, why are you supporting them in the good.