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Lucifer trapped in the cage away from you

Word count: 1010

request by: anon - Where the reader got killed before Lucifer was cast out of heaven and the apocalypse will either kill him so they reunite or give him so much power he can resurrect her? Pretty please?

(low-key forgot to look at the request as I wrote this fic and changed like all of it oops, if you dont like it pleasse request a new fic aha, sorry!)

A/N: there will most likely be a part 2 to this fic depending on whether or not I decide to leave it angsty like this or make Lucifer bring the reader back and have a cute/fluffy end. If I decide to make a part 2, it should be out tomorrow, yay!

“See you later Y/N”

A smile snuck its way onto your face after you had just spent almost the whole day talking to Lucifer. Most of the time your conversations would simply be you explaining to him what you had done during the past few days since he didn’t really have much to talk about due to the fact he was trapped in a cage but neither of you minded. You enjoyed telling him about your life and (although he wouldn’t admit it) he loved listening to you talk too no matter what it was about.

As you tugged on your hunter’s jacket, your mind drifted back to the first time Lucifer had contacted you all them years ago:

A hand reached up to your head as it boomed with the worst migraine you had ever felt in your entire life on this planet causing you to let out yet another sigh. The whole day it had felt as though your mind was foggy and there was some sort of static playing over and over again in your head like a broken TV.

You were just about to throw yourself out of the bed and go to the doctors for them to tell you that you were dying or something when the static simply stopped and you suddenly felt your body have a strong pull towards… Something. You just couldn’t quite put your finger on it, and that’s when you heard it.

“Hello,” the soothing voice echoed throughout your head.

That’s it. I’m officially crazy. I have actually lost my mind.

“Anyone there?” you again heard the voice fill your mind, this time making you feel slightly calmer almost as if this voice was comforting you.

Oh, fuck it. If I’m already crazy enough to think I’m hearing voices I might as well go that extra crazy step further and talk to them. You scrunched up your nose completely doubting that this would work before letting out a shaky and questioning “Hey?”.

“Oh thank Dad you replied. You don’t know how long I’ve been trying to contact someone; demons, angels and I even was thinking about trying to start on them human cockroach Winchesters but something pulled me to you little one, something I’m not quite sure of.”

Another small giggle escaped you as you remembered how you almost fainted when the “mysterious man in your head” started talking about angels and demons like it was no big deal, you even had to grasp onto the back of a chair to stop yourself from falling over. You tugged on your boots as you again remembered one of the many life changing conversations you had with Lucifer.

“Hey Luci!” you joked calling him the nickname his younger brother Gabriel used to call him.

“Ugh,” he groaned aloud, “I regret telling ever telling you that name.”

“Welp you did and you just know I’m going to use it to my advantage,” you flopped down onto your bed stretching your arms and legs as far as they could go into the soft duvet.

“Wouldn’t expect anything less of you Y/N. Anyway, how was your day?”

“Well, it was okay I guess, work was boring as always and ARGH..” pain flowed through your entire body as you reached out and grasped your hands tightly onto the bed to alleviate any of the intense agony flowing through you.

“Y/N?! Y/N, what’s going on?” you heard Lucifer faintly say in the background but your focus was on the loud screeching filling your mind followed by some catching words in the fog and static including ‘Lucifer’… ‘Soulmate’ and ‘Y/N’.

“Y/N, listen to me, focus on my words, I’m here okay, your safe. Dad, I wish I could be with you right now to help. The worst torture in the world isn’t me being trapped in this cramped cage, it’s that I can’t be with you right now and I will never forgive myself for not being able to hold you in my arms like I should due to the way I behaved eons ago.”

By the end of Lucifer’s mini speech you had noticed that the pain had completely stopped but that hadn’t caused the shock to leave, in fact, you couldn’t feel any other emotion apart from shock as you stumbled on your words not sure what to say to Lucifer, the archangel you had known for almost a year now, until you eventually gathered together the courage and forced your body to blurt it out.

“Are we soulmates Lucifer?”

From that day forwards your life changed, but not for the worse, for the better. You and Lucifer would talk to each other every day, sometimes even more than once. But as time passed you both developed a physical longing for one another that you couldn’t fill due to him being trapped in the cage. You never told him this but you tried your hardest researching ways in which you could have him physically with you finally but you always came up empty.

You stepped outside the door with a sigh, longing to be with your one and only soulmate as you slipped a gun into the back of your leggings, coving it up with your shirt and walked out into the world.

Not two steps later you felt an arm grasp tightly onto the collar of your shirt, ramming you up against the wall of the motel, an angel blade was pressed into your throat, enough to draw some blood but just barely not enough to kill you. God damn angels.

“Lucifer’s mate,” they spat as they pushed the blade further into you causing your body to shake with worry as you realised that they were truly going to go through with this, “abomination.”

And with that, the blade pushed down onto your throat, blood oozing out slowly as you let out a loud cry, the only sound which you could hear as you slowly bled out was the cowering wings of the angel flying away after killing Lucifer’s one and only source of happiness and the pained cries coming from a far away cage in hell. 








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Mark Pellegrino is currently on his side account telling people why it’s a GOOD thing for millions to lose health coverage under an Obamacare repeal. Mark believes the government shouldn’t tax others to pay for things like welfare, medicaid, and environmental reform. Mark believes that clinging to every penny he’s earned is a more important right than a government/society taking care of those who cannot care for themselves.

The above was his response to someone sending him Misha’s impassioned plea to save Medicaid, a program which saved Misha as a child.

And yes, it’s really Mark’s side account:

Just think long and hard about who you’re giving your money to, even if they claim to care about helping people with mental illness:

For more utter bullshit, all you have to do is look at his replies: